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Jun 23rd, 2017
Invest Sar Paying
17% -24% hourly for 24 hours, 6% - 8% hourly for 48 hours, 1.08% - 1.35% hourly for 24 hours
Jun 19th, 2017
Now Deposit Ltd Paying
0.65% - 1.2% hourly for 160 hours,3% - 5% hourly for 72 hours,25% - 30% hourly for 20 hours
Jun 18th, 2017
goldenpark Paying
101% after 1 day, 103% after 2 days
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Date:Jun-23 ,2017

Financeprime Inc
Date:Jun-23 ,2017

CKL Capital
Date:Jun-23 ,2017

Capital-fx LTD
Date:Jun-23 ,2017

Now Deposit Ltd
Date:Jun-23 ,2017
Date:Jun-23 ,2017

Date:Jun-23 ,2017

Wealth-code Inc
Date:Jun-23 ,2017
Date:Jun-23 ,2017

Hour Pay Ltd
Date:Jun-23 ,2017

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I love forever this company. The best medium term investment company at present! I have earned over $7734 from, thank you very much, Hourpaid team! Many thanks for Hourpaid team! have been in profit now, I lost much money in other hyips, now
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Paid to The Best HYIP & AutoSurfs Monitoring $1.62 and ranked 2017-6-23, Thank you Admin!Invest Sar

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I got e-mail from admin DTM (DREAMTEAMMONEY.COM)
Hey, Dec 4 2009, 08:12 AM


Me, John Raven together with Vivien Ashley, Miss Celine and Kieth has decided to reward you with a "Lifetime Paid Supporter" badge worth $68 wink.gif

Why are we doing that and why did we choose you?
Because you have been really loyal and supportive towards the growth of DTM forum and we can see that and really appreciate that!

Thank you for being so helpful and positive in the forum. It is always good to see senior reputable DTM members like you posting on the forum =)

We hope you like the small gift from us. We really thank you for growing with the DTM forum! Without YOU, it is not possible for DTM to become one of the top forums out there wink.gif

Thank you once again! winecheers.gif
YOU are the BEST!

Warmest Regards,
John Raven
Jan-25-2010 01:28:45 PM
Everything refback is paid.
I found a litle free time, so i udpated my site and paid everything RCB. I also posted on forum about payments in programs.
Dec-26-2009 04:23:29 AM
Everything refback will pay within 48 hours
I am sorry for delay. To 27.12.2009 everything rcb will pay.
Now are Christmas, so i don't have time.
Dec-25-2009 01:26:06 AM
My site is fixed
Everything account is protected.
Sorry for problem
Nov-12-2009 11:45:58 AM
Hackers change number account Liberty reserve in my site.
Hackers change number account Liberty reserve in my site.
I try repair it.
I am sorry everything visitors my site.
Hackers change account on it U7930591 (Listing & Ads)
My Liberty Reserve account number: U7868294 (
Nov-11-2009 01:14:01 PM
7/2/2009 21:55 16845362 U6011374 – $267.00 $0.00 $0.00
7/2/2009 21:55 16845358 U3879515 (Maxhyips) – $6.00 $0.00 $267.00
Jul-2-2009 01:15:35 PM
We changed hosting yesterday
We change hosting yesterday.
My site worked slowly and sometimes was offline, but now site work very fast.
I am so sorry everyony vistiors my site.
Now site will ok.
Jun-16-2009 01:54:07 PM
We added New function (RCB) for our Investor three days ago
Referral Commission Back(RCB) function work now, we offer up to 200% Referral Commission Back(RCB), please use it to request your Referral Commission Back(RCB). Thanks for your supporting. All RCB payment will be done within 12 hours after confirmed.
Jun-8-2009 08:17:18 AM
We can open site LR normally!!!
We can open site LR normally!!!
My site is updated everythnig payouts.
Jun-4-2009 12:00:48 PM
We have problems wtih site liberty reserve
Since sunday(2009-05-31), we haven't had problem with site liberty reserve.
We can't open this site normally. Sorry for problem.
Jun-4-2009 12:24:40 AM
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