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I moved my site to new hosting
Dear visitors.
I changed hosting for vps to
Now site work very good .
This is the best hosting.
Helpful support, who resolve everything problems.
I am so sorry everyone for problems with my site
Feb-8-2013 10:51:44 PM
UInvest Friday Newsletter
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
UInvest debit cards are on their way!
A great boom appeared during the management chat on January 30, 2013, as on that day it was announced that UInvest would issue debit cards for its clients. In response to this news we received numerous questions, and you can read the answers to your inquiries here. We are happy to announce that all UIC 2013 attendees will be able to receive the long-awaited UInvest debit cards. This unique opportunity will be the next wonderful gift of the most exciting event of the U-Year 2013.

More referral commission, better terms!
We are happy to inform you that starting February 1, 2013 your referral commission will depend completely on your referrals' activity. A new concept presupposes that your commission will increase together with your referrals' activity within UInvest, and descrease if vice versa. Now you can enjoy the highlights of this innovatiove approach described here

Last FP Contest Winner 2013
The well-known FP contest that lasted for four months (October 1, 2012 - February 1, 2013) is now over. The total prize amount reached $10,000.00, and the total contest capital turnover came out to $11,152,797.00. We are grateful to all participants of the FP contest and now we are ready to announce the name of the winner the contest's final stage. Are you ready? The February winner is...Sniper!!! Sniper, kindly accept our sincere congratulations together with the prize that equals $2,500.00!

Weekly article
In the near future uinvestors will see significant improvements in the economic infrastructure of Ukraine. One of its aspects is the further development of the banking system. Making personal banking more accessible to the public makes economy more transparent, minimizes negative effects of shadow cash economy. With that in mind, business and personal income reporting becomes more transparent as well as gives government and private bureaus of statistics an opportunity to provide more accurate data for potential investors in order to evaluate business opportunities for the future.


Below you can see our weekly tricky question. Remember that the correct answer will give $50 to each of the first two who will give the correct answer.So hurry up! Here is the question for this week:

We know that this number equals the number of edges that myriagon has. Also, this number is included in the nickname of the US State Minnesota and THIS number is also mentioned in our newsletter.

What number is this? Please submit your answer here.

Next letter will be issued on Friday,
February 15th. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Feb-8-2013 04:48:49 PM
UInvest Conference newsletter
Conference newsletter
Interview with UICC 2013 Attendees

Michael W., Lucedale, Mississippi, USA

Hello, Michael! How long have you been a uinvestor?

About 13 months and I am extremely excited about Uinvest.

I never had any problems at all. It’s been the smoothest investment company that I have ever been associated with.

What do you expect from coming to the conference?

The most important reason for me is to be able to interact with the principles with the company to know who I am in business in. And it will give me a greater assurance that Uinvest is truly the great company that they are portraying that they are. And besides getting to know the people behind the company, I am looking to learn about new things that are coming in the future for Uinvest. Issues at hand, for example, deposits and withdrawals. I think this is one of the most difficult issues for Uinvest. I know that UInvest is a very complex company and I know that you cannot expose everything to investors, but for me it is important to have a clear understanding about what Uinvest is doing.

I think uinvestor can learn a whole lot more by coming to the conference and seeing everything first hand than hearing about out over the phone. I think it is important to comprehend the objective of the company a whole lot better.

Thank you, Michael!

You are welcome! I think Uinvest has a great future for everyone involved and I am very excited about coming to the conference.

Tips for International Visitors

For many international visitors requiring visas to enter the US, it is important to know that UInvest provides an formal invitation letter to the conference. In order to obtain the letter, upon completion of your UICC 2013 registration, you must request a letter of invitation and provide us with the following information via email to:

- Your Full Name as Appears on your Passport

- Your Passport Number

- Your Date of Birth

- Your Country of Citizenship

- Your Interview Date at the consulate

- Please, specify if an electronic Letter of Invitation will suffice or if you will need a hard copy.

It is very important to mention during the interview at the US Consulate that the purpose of your trip is educational, and not business. The purpose is to attend the conference, to obtain information about crowdfunding and to listen to lectures and educational seminars.

News about new withdrawal methods for UInvestors.

Get your debit card with UInvest!

Still thinking if you should attend UIC2013 in late April? What about a super news that will turn you to make a definitive decision? You can read responses to these and other questions by following this link.

Next letter will be issued on Wednesday 13th of
February. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.

UInvest Inc.
9595 Wilshire Blvd,

Suit 900 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Feb-7-2013 11:47:06 AM
TradExFund NewsLetter
Dear TradExFund Members ,

TradExFund has surpassed 310 active deposits and continues to grow at an amazing rate daily as we pass 21 days online paying to four Major e-currencies daily: Liberty Reserve, EgoPay, PerfectMoney, and SolidTrustPay. TradExFund has proven itself as the top choice for investors. More and more investors are joining the program, During the past 21 days our program has witness tremendous growth and we did not receive any complaint or whatsoever from our investors regarding our program.

Although we spend little on advert but our priority is to have happy investors, regular instant payment, stable profit and good reputation.We will appreciate suggestion and contribution through contact us on our website page from our esteemed TradExFund members and intending members on how to improve our program and take TradExFund project to the next level. We promise you that our program will be the best project in the year 2013 and beyond and we will fulfill our promise.We are here to serve you.

Thanks & Regards
Feb-6-2013 10:35:24 AM
OilofAsia Ltd Newsletter
Dear members,

within just 20 days online Oil of Asia Ltd became the hottest program in the industry with already more than 15,000 members joined in such a short period of time. We are really happy with this amazing growth and I am sure thats just a start of something special. We are working hard day by day to improve Oil of Asia Ltd and I am happy to say that recently we made some improvements. Its important to communicate with members using their own language because not all people around know English so I am glad that we already added more than 30 regional representatives around the world and our team become bigger and bigger everyday. Hopefully by the end of this month we will be able to cover the most of countries with our regional representatives. Also video presentation has been added and you can find it at Get Started page at our website, feel free to check. Last but not least good news, another office has been opened, this time in Southeast Asia country - Vietnam. You can find us a
t the following address:

428 Dien Bien Phu Street Ward 11, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Phone number: +84903545381

Feel free to visit us, we would be happy to meet you. More offices will be opened soon, next ones probably in South America and Africa. Thats all for today, we wish you a great week.

Yours, Adam Dhaliwal

Oil of Asia Ltd
Feb-3-2013 09:44:46 PM
NoboX - Adjustment Friday Newsletter
Hello, bonjour, hola and welcome to my Adjustment Friday Newsletter.

Once the time on the NoBox servers hits 11:59 PM you can cash-in on the Adjustment Friday ROI. Well consider we have just started last week, it is really our First Adjustment Day.

I have also made a small change in the Adjustment Day payments. Separating None Membership and Membership holders. In my opinion, it is just fair to give membership holders a little more as none membership holders. Ergo, today's ROI will be divided as below:

None Memberships 2.4%
Memberships 3.2%

Now bear in mind, if you hold a membership there is much more advantage to it as the ROI on Adjustment Friday. Consider you collect 250% ROI vs the 180% ROI of none Members. The referral commission is higher, and so are the credits you be given during surfs. Additionally you be able to advertise more sites in the Rotator.

Now think about that for a moment, and you need to agree the Memberships are paying itself.

I actually launched NoBox with that and much more in mind.

Recently someone asked me if I am scared using my real name on a Surf/Investment program. Now I could have replied, I am not scared, I am terrified. Haha got you there. No, I am not, many of you did not catch the idea behind NoBox. Let me be clearer.

NoBox was not launched as an investment program. I admit right now the payments equal a Surf or HYIP website. Consider the payments are 2% daily, and today reaching a peak of 3.4%. However, the payments are based on the security-holdback amount. Now a sharp investor think, one day that holdback turns lesser as the daily payments. Even we sell the heck out of ads, and getting many cash-back partners. Again, you are right, but also wrong!

Before I launched NoBox, I had this all in consideration. Here is why NoBox will work. Remember last weeks newsletter or my post about an extension strategy. I also mentioned numerous times a good program should have an exit strategy. Something almost no program owner considered during launch. Well I don't bother you with the same explanation as in the last newsletter, or in some of my Google+ posts. Though, I have one more plan I had not mentioned, NoBox has a different purpose as being a revenue share system. For this reason, there is an exit strategy in place.

Once I see the security holdback is shrinking to fast, to demand the daily payments of 2%, I will pull the plug. What does this mean? Unlike other websites what playing games or closing down the site, saying thank you very much, but you have just been scammed.. I will stop selling revenue packs. Paying everyone off with the revenue archived on daily Cash-Backs and Advertisement sells. At this time, we will also have much more traffic and much more advertisers, so a daily income stream will be accomplished. It might not be 2%, but everyone will receive 250% on each revenue packs.

At that time, the NoBox website will mount to what it was planned at the beginning. A Traffic and advertisement website what also offers cash-back. A fully functioning website, what raised to the glory of having many members and advertisers. With additional features, a cash-back shop and the power of superb traffic NoBox will be a key player to advertise and partner-up in our ecurrency and cash-back area. There is no such thing right now on the internet. We all know where to spend our Paypal, but what about Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EgoPay or Solidtrustpay? Sure you can use them to invest. However, wouldn't it be a great advantage using your ecurrency earnings for shopping? Well NoBox will have this covered for you by then.

The NoBox revenue-packs will not only pay off the 250% of each member, but converting and offering special advantages and income streams to everyone who made NoBox to what it has become at this time. Kind of a partner on future accomplishments.

With that in mind, I am certain the site can pay the 2% daily for a very long time. I will try retaining the supreme as high and long as possible. Simply because as longer the site is online as more members had joined, and more advertisers and cash-back partners have become a part of NoBox.

That is all for today as I am on vacation in Australia and I like to enjoy that time with my friends here. As a reader and circle follower you know I life my live to the fullest; so should you!

Regards, Karlo
Feb-2-2013 09:22:02 AM
Greetings Dear Investors,

At the start of this wonderful month we would like to update you with our recent news. January wasn’t an easy month for our organization since we had to deal with some unprofessionalism from our hosting providers and also intimidation from our competitors. Certainly all of these problems have been solved but we would still like to say thanks to all of you for not losing hope during occurring events.

Special thanks we want to express to Administrator of MoneyNewsOnline Blog, Paul, who kept updates about our organization in timely manner. We really appreciate such professionalism in people we cooperate with.

Unconditionally our organization continues moving towards the top of online investment industry. Our team is always ready and welcomes any challenges industry prepared for us. And all of it has been done in order to create the best opportunity for every person commited to our idea and views on money management. Without you all of these would not be possible!

For now we have very strong and firm base. During last week's tests we confirmed flawless work of the system without any problems.
Also we've added small addons such as Facebook like box where you could show your recognition of AirCargoXpress. One more support operator has been hired due to extensive interest from investors.
We really appreciate your support and dedication to our organization!

This week we have launched our monthly advertising campaign in the different sources: forums, monitors and reliable blogs. As you might already noticed, new monitors were added to keep our status up to date with voting possibility. Your votes and comments are highly appreciated by our team.

Next week we are going to add testimonial and career pages so you will have an additional way to earn more money.

All withdrawal requests have been paid in time.
If you have any questions or suggestions about our service, please let us know.

We wish you a wonderful weekend!

Kind Regards,
AirCargoXpress team
Feb-2-2013 09:21:30 AM
Sureinv News 1. February 2013
Hello all

Last week we have talked about a Client Promotion program, after receiving many emails from clients, asking if they can get actively engaged in promoting sureinv and if we are willing or able to offer incentives to those who do -- as one would expect, above the 5% referral commission already in place.

First things first: We are very happy with the gradual growth of sureinv. On the other side, to maintain it, advertising is without any question a necessity. Since we never know in advance if any advertising campaign is worth the $$$ spent, we have drew up an action plan, with the objective to involve our clients in actively promoting sureinv and at the same time offering incentives in doing so.

To cut a long story short, we made up our minds and are glad to offer the following promotions for all our clients, active or inactive.

1. Post, post, post…

Never forget: We care about you as much as you care about us! So please do your part and say thank you, if you got paid. We think we can expect from our active clients to vote for us on one of the monitors, or to post a short payment notification in one of the forums or chartrooms -- or even on our Facebook page. Don't forget, we'll pay you back - daily!

All you need to do is to post if you got paid by sureinv in one of the public forums or monitors listed on our website here. Don't forget to include your sureinv username in the post to become part of the draw.

There will be three main prizes of $100, $50 and $20 and three consolation prizes of $10 each. All prizes will be paid direct to your payment processor account of choice.

The winners will be selected randomly by sureinv from a list of entries and all winners will be informed via email, using the email address we have on file. We will also publish links to the winners posts -- to make the entire contest transparent.

Closing date is February 28th and the winners will be announced on March, 1st.

2. Forum signatures

Now, this is a great one to promote sureinv, if you are a regular poster on public forums! Just add your sureinv referral link to your signature and keep posting -- in this case, it doesn't even matter for which program you're posting or if you have an active deposit with us or not, you will always promote sureinv as well! We've noticed, a lot of our clients are promoting us this way already. Thank you, and keep doing so -- you will be automatically added to the list of entries.

For the rest of you, just add your referral link to your signature -- some forums even allow banners to be added as well. You'll find our banners in your back office, already made up with your referral link.

For the forum signature contest we will grant three prizes of $200, $150 and $100 -- paid direct to your preferred payment processor account.

The winners will be selected randomly by sureinv from a list of entries and all winners will be informed via email, using the email address we have on file. We will also publish links to the winners posts -- to make the entire contest transparent.

Closing date is February 28th and the winners will be announced on March, 1st.

3. sureinv Facebook and/or Skype groups

This is a profitable one, for any engaged and serious promoter!

Like to manage your sureinv Facebook or Skype group? Just do it!

We understand from the feedback of our clients that there is some real need of sureinv chat groups in certain markets. So far we have received group requests for the English, Russian and Indonesian markets.

If you think you are capable of managing any Facebook or Skype group for sureinv, please contact us now via Email. Apart from allowances to market sureinv in your region, there will be a second tier ref commission of 3% granted as well, for all clients joining sureinv through the groups and paid to the group owner on top of the first tier 5% commission paid to the direct referrer. Also we will personally take part in all groups on a weekly base to support your group and our clients.

Let's get active now!

Whatever you are up to in the days ahead -- I hope its profitable.

With best regards,
Feb-1-2013 07:48:52 PM
UInvest Friday Newsletter
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
UInvest is now available in the Apple store.
We have become closer to you, haven't we? Are you interested to know in what way? A mobile version of Uinvest has been already introduced and it is now accessible at the Apple Store. Now you can learn the most interesting and relevant news as well as all the necessary information via your own phone in any location. You can also manage your account with the help of your mobile device.

For more information, please follow the link.

A non-stop process.
You might have noticed that during the month of January we have done a lot for easy and comfortable usage of our website. In particular, the Complaint button was added with a purpose to escalate your suggestions/complaints towards the service quality to the management of the company. We have also implemented the Timeline option, which reflects the progress of the whole UInvest team, i.e. all options that were and are to be implemented in the future. For example, according to the Timeline, the long-awaited Funds Transfer option is scheduled to be released in February. Please be sure that we will always do our best to make you happy with such featres in the future.

Kindly see our timeline here.

UIC 2013 Newsletter
We would like to announce that we will publish a UIC2013 newsletter on a weekly basis with the purpose to keep you informed about the latest updates and arrangements of the main event of the U-year 2013 - UInvest Conference 2013 (UIC2013). Every Wednesday you will be able to read a newsletter that will contain three the most exciting news about the conference. The first issue is published this Wednesday, January 30, and you can read it here.

Article of the month
Since its launch in December of 2011, the GUN (Global Uinvest Network) Project has become one of the most successful UInvest initiatives. On 12/12/12 Uinvest celebrated its 1st anniversary. To shed more light on details of this project, we decided to dedicate an article that describes the GUN's story. Please follow this link for the full article.


What is the International Year of Water Cooperation for UN ?

Next letter will be issued on Friday,
February 8th. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Feb-1-2013 07:48:22 PM
[Felmina Alliance] Official Newsletter
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.

We are inviting you to take part in our best promo contest.

Advertise us and win cash prize every week.

At the end of every week, the 3 randomly chosen winners will get $1,000.00, $500.00 and $200.00 added to the available balances in their accounts.

You can enter the contest any time. To do this, simply post a short advertising message on your blog, facebook, forum or any other form of social media.

Detailed instructions on how to participate can be found inside your Felmina account.

Note that only existing blogs, forums and accounts in other social media are eligible to participate. All newly created accounts will be ignored.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.
Jan-31-2013 07:22:42 AM
SOL-R Newsletter - Facebook & Skype Room
We hope all is well with everyone and everything is going smooth for all.

I just want to give a quick update today on the launch of our Facebook Page and Skype Room.
We want you to be able to get in touch with us as easily as possible so we feel this will be a great addition to our support.

You can visit our facebook page from the icon on our site or from the following link:

To join out Skype Room click on the green "Chat With Me" icon in the right side bar of the website.

If you have any issues accessing these feel free to email us from our contact form.

Lastly, we just want to remind you there are still a few days left to get in on our testimonial contest. Here are the details for that again.

You can visit the following link to submit a testimonial to us.
Please note, In order for this to be successfully submitted you need to supply your correct username.
Upon approval these testimonials will be added to our site in the testimonials section.
On February 4th, 2013 we will randomly select 5 winners to receive a bonus to there account.
The grand prize winner will receive a $250 bonus to there account while the remaining 4 winners will receive $50 bonus's to there accounts.

You can feel free to add your feedback to our forum threads as well, and anywhere else you'd like. These won't apply to the contest, but are always welcomed!
Here are the thread links:

Thanks again to all our amazing members,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.
Jan-31-2013 07:21:59 AM
SOL-R Newsletter

As promised, we at are back with a few more updates!

I'd like to start off by saying the feedback about our 5% Deposit Bonus has been nothing but great so I wanted to offer this a little bit longer. This will end sometime Tomorrow, January 26th. Sometime near the late afternoon / evening. We hope you enjoyed this offer.

Secondly, it seems some have been a little unclear if they are receiving there interest when they have compounding set. To make this easier to see we have added a new field to your main dashboard called "Total Compounded Interest". This will show you exactly how much of your interest has been compounded. We hope this makes things a bit clearer.

And lastly is a feature update.
On occasion when requesting a withdrawal the payment processer will time out or do something else funny and your withdrawal will go to pending. We periodically check these throughout the day to process any pending withdrawals.
We have now taken this a step further to make it easier for all our great members.
If your withdrawal goes pending you can go to "Withdrawals" in your member panel, and cancel your pending withdrawal. Once this is done, wait a few minutes then request your withdrawal again.
If your withdrawal still doesn't get processed instantly, as your first step please check your profile and make sure you have your correct payment processor username set. If it is incorrect please correct it then follow the steps above to cancel and re-request your withdrawal.
As a last step, fill out a support ticket and we will get to this within 24 hours.

I apologize for the long winded email but I think this should help some members greatly.
We take your support issues seriously and work hard to come up with convenient solutions so feel free to offer up you suggestions. (Although we still don't plan on offering LR and PM, so no need to ask :D ).

Many Thanks and Good Prosperity,

Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited Team!
Jan-26-2013 12:17:29 PM
Sureinv News 25. Januar 2013
Hello all

A few weeks have passed since touching base with all of you! Things have been rather busy here at sureinv, so we feel the need to update you on our ongoing progress.

As most of you are aware of, sureinv started on November 15th last year and ten days ago we achieved our second full month online. During this time we have created personal relationships with many of our now over 2,100 clients and almost on a daily base we have discussions with some of you -- thank you for that! Mostly on issues of what we can do better, what we should do in the future and also what we should avoid. We are open to any kind of recommendations and constructive criticism as well, as both help us to understand our clients needs better.

According to our business plan, we have recently initiated Phase II of our advertising campaign. Some of you might have noticed more banners, more articles and more promotions on blogs, monitors and forums across the industry. This is part of our strategy 'Here today, Here tomorrow.'

Now let's get back to some concerns we have received from our clients:

1. Unverified Accounts
We have been informed that clients using certain Email providers, like Yahoo, Comcast, AOL, to name just a few, haven't received the activation Email sent out by our server during sign-up, thus couldn't activate their accounts. This is unfortunately a common issue with some Email providers.

We have therefore auto verified all current accounts with us. Also we have disabled this function now, so all newly created accounts does not need to get activated at all: Sign up, login -- thats it.

If you have signed up a couple of days or weeks ago, your account is active now!

For proper and timely communication, we endorse Google's Gmail. It's not only free -- but more importantly, hassle free as well.

2. Investment Slots
From the beginning of our journey, investments slots were limited to six per account only, which we felt would be sufficient for the majority of our clients. During the past few weeks we have noticed that some members found a way around this limitation, by opening additional accounts, which is strictly prohibited according to our Terms of Service, for various reasons. Please see our FAQ in regard. We will not impose any restrictions to those who opened multiple accounts, if no referral abuse has become apparent -- so please feel free to use your accounts as before. We have however lifted the limit of investment slots in general and as from now on you can have unlimited active investments with sureinv -- all under the umbrella of one account.

3. Client Promotion
We have received a lot of Emails recommending to involve our clients more in actively promoting sureinv and at the same time handing out incentives for those doing so. We are listening and are currently working on a action plan to get this implemented. Please expect us to have something in place as from February 1st. We will inform you by then.

4. Finally, a short reminder to our newest clients
Please notice that we DO NOT process any payments during weekends. Also interest is only credited from Monday until Friday.

Thanks for reading, take care and I'll see you all next week.

Best regards,
Jan-26-2013 12:17:05 PM
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Management chat has a new format now.
UInvest moves on, as well as the management chat does. On Wednesday we had a management chat of a new format... It became thematic, meaning that it was dedicated to a certain topic of discussion. And it was well held by our team members, who did their utmost to reply to your numerous inquiries in the best manner. We consider it will be a great step forward to involve UInvest staff in the management chat, and have it in the thematic format, so that everyone will be on the same page.

Our Wish List Contest Winner!
Our Wish List Contest is now over. We were surprised to receive such a great number of responses from the participants. Please be sure our team will take into account all your wishes. We would like to let you know that Fantasia won according to the rules. The list of wishes from this agent will be considered and added to the GUN development plan in 2013! GUN Agent GR impressed us by the song "GUN Acad'm Star".We would like to sincerely thank you for your active participation in the contest, because your advices improve UInvest's functionality.We heartily congratulate the winner!
All the Bestfrom Uinvest,

UInvest Timeline is now available
Dear all, we will are happy to present you a new graphic user interface that will reflect the dates and names of all implemented options. We believe it will help everyone see that great progress that makes our company be the leader in the crowd funding industry. Every option will be located next to its date of the release. If you click on the option's name, you will be able to see its full functionality description. We truly hope you will enjoy this feature.

Article review
With tremendous success of our last week’s Honey Project originating from Slovakia, we decided to provide our uinvestors with a brief overview of the economy of this country to help them understand the “nature of the beast” for the sake of future investments. For full article, please, follow the link.

Tricky question:

The citizen of which country invented the first actively used parachute?
Please type your answer here.

Next letter will be issued on Friday, February 1st. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Jan-26-2013 12:16:50 PM
New improvements coming! Benson Union
Dear investors! Benson Union is becoming larger day by day and we currently serve over 60,000 active accounts. Yesterday we moved database to more powerful server because the previous one started getting overloaded last weeks so now everything works more stable. Our mission is to make Benson Union a global worldwide-known company and we are doing our best to hit this target. After more than one year of stable work we decided to hire translate agency to translate our video presentation in 10 languages and it's in progress already. It will be a good update for our international clients who is new to Benson Union. Once its done, it will be easier for our regional representatives to introduce Benson Union presentation in their native language. Stay tuned!
Jan-24-2013 12:47:54 PM
OilofAsia Ltd Newsletter
Dear members,

after receiving several notices from our members about recent blackmail by scam program called Goldenarium, I decided to make an announcement. We are not connected with this scam project and their claims that we said that we are related with them are totally false. We never did so and there is no point of doing this, since they just a cheap scam who are not even monitored by anyone. I think that they just trying to get some attention by blackmail one of the most popular project those days. Please be careful and stay away from such a cheap projects.

Yours, Adam

OilofAsia Ltd
Jan-23-2013 01:47:23 PM
SolidTrustPay Added -

SolidTrustPay was added as new payment method accepted by Global Forex Capital.

Credit Card, Bank Wire, Cash Deposits, Check/Money Order/Bank Draft can be used to transfer money in your SolidTrustPay account.

You can withdraw money from SolidTrustPay directly to your STP debit card (or your Visa credit card) or by check or bank transfer.

SolidTrustPay is a secure and reliable payment system and it is recommended for making deposits/withdrawals here at Global Forex Capital.

With regards,
Global Forex Capital
Jan-22-2013 06:57:29 PM
Stabilico the minimum deposit amount is increased.
Dear Stabilico-Customers,

We want to announce that the minimum deposit amount is increased. At the moment the minimum deposit amount is $100

Jan-22-2013 06:56:08 PM
Stravia update
A lot of our users have reported not being able to access the site within the last 24 hours. We wanted to let you know that our site has been under constant attack since last night. We were forced to take the site offline for several hours this morning, since our host had to null route the traffic.

Since then, we have upgraded Stravia's DDOS protection to the highest level available at Blacklotus to Mitigation Critical and our site has been online since then with a few minor hiccups. The attack is ranging between 12-28 gbps over different carriers as reported by our host. The DDOS attack has now shifted to our DNS as the attacker failed to take down our website.

What this means for you is that the site might load a bit slower than usual, and at times it might fail to load. If that happens just retry accessing the site several minutes later. Rest assured we and our host are doing everything possible to keep the site up and running.

Instant withdrawals are still available as usual, however at times if the server is too busy to handle the request, the withdrawal request will get queued and we will process them manually.

Stravia Support Team
Jan-22-2013 06:35:47 PM
[Felmina Alliance] Official Newsletter
This is an official newsletter from Felmina Alliance Inc.

Monday, January 21, 2013, is the Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. - one of the official holidays in the United States.

We observe the official holidays in the US and Panama. According to our terms of service, we do not pay interest on weekend days and official holidays. Therefore, no interest will be paid on this day.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions and need help with anything. Your thoughts on how to improve our website and the services we offer are more than welcome.

Best Regards,
Marketing Department,
Felmina Alliance Inc.
Jan-21-2013 03:54:21 PM
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