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UInvest Friday Newsletter
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Special edition with breaking news!
Fresh, breaking, stunning and very important...
Weren't you the one who asked us about the company's plans for the future? This question has always been vital both for you and us.

Well, dear uinvestors, you'd better have a seat now, as this is the time to percieve the breaking news! Next week the negotiations of a very high importance will be held, they will definitely concern the company and all of you! Ladies, and getlemen, you have some time to guess, dig, wander through the cyber space for some info bits, but please just get ready for the stunning news next week! Stick to the Uinvest website to be the first to know!

A very popular Casino project
It's always great to update you about any of our projects. We know you are longing for news! We are very pleased to let you know that the Casino project has become very popular among our uinvestors, and it is of a great interest to them. Without any hesitations this project is promised to perspective and profitable. Per your endless requests, we are planning to invite the business owner of this fabulous project to one of our next management chats, where everyone will be able to get answers to the questions. Stay tuned and on top of the latest updates!

Our proof of honesty - the loans' score
In the contemporary financial world, it's very important to set up trustful and reliable partnership relations, that are a core for success for a business of any nature. UInvest follows these principles and encourages all its clients to join them. A new feature of the loans' score is implemented for all uinvestors, and it is very similar to the credit history mechanism. Before issuing a loan, a potential lender will be able to check the borrower’s loans' score and make a right decision afterwards. You can find more information about it here.

Making news together!
It's always an excitement for everyone to dive in the world of news. We believe each of you has something to share with Ucommunity! As suggested during the last management chat, all of you are welcome to join the engrossing news compilation process! If you have any news to share, and you are sure all uinvestors will have an interest in it, you'd better rush and send the news to us! The most active clients have already sent their pieces of information, and we promise to publish them soon. Let's make the news together!

Article of the week: Ukraine granted a 41 mln euro loan to upgrade air navigation
The European Investment Bank (EIB) agreed to provide a €41 million loan to modernize and upgrade Ukrainian air navigation system. The loan will finance a program developed by the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Service Enterprisein order to be implemented at various airport sites and in remote locations throughout Ukraine. Please read more about it by following this link.

We are happy to announce the names of the previous newsletter contest winners! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first two uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Gera912 and
We are pleased to award $50 USD to each winner!

The correct answer: It is possible if one of you kicks a ball up in the air. So it would come back to you again.

A contest question for this week:

If you divide 50 by half and add 1. What do you get?...Hey, it’s a tricky one, so if you think 26...think twice!

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Next letter will be issued on March, 29. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Mar-22-2013 06:26:14 PM
Sureinv News 22. March 2013
Hello all

We are very glad to announce that our Regional Representative Program is in full swing.

So far 29 Reps from 16 countries are listed on our program page, which you can access from the top bar or the bottom of any front-end page on Sureinv.

For some countries more than one regional representative has been selected, for several reasons. First of all these countries have a huge potential and therefore we feel that there is enough space for the market to be developed by several individuals and secondly, some of our Reps are already being very successful in referring clients to us in the past.

If your country is not represented yet and you are interested in joining our team, please feel free to contact us.

Finally a reminder that payments are now processed on Saturdays as well. If you like to get paid on Saturdays, please make sure that your request your payment before 12:00 GMT. Payments are processed just once, anytime after 12:00 GMT.

And that's all from me today.

Enjoy your weekend and best regards,
Mar-22-2013 06:25:35 PM
INVESTIFIELD #1 Newsletter - 22. March, 2013.
Dear valued investors,

We have some great and big news for you all to share!

March 22nd, 2013 is a major milestone for us at INVESTIFIELD, as it marks the second week since we have brought our system online. With the great success that the program has had thus far, we see this is being only one of many major achievements to come as we continue to strive to serve our valuable investors better and provide them with the best returns possible.

At the moment we are proud that our client base has approached 9000 total registered accounts, with 5200 active users. Our communication with people and variety of acquaintances results in good benefit for you and new good source of profit based on equity investment for your friends.

At INVESTIFIELD we have always promoted transparency and communication. In order to gain investor trust and confidence INVESTIFIELD provides 24/7 English live chat and phone support. We're looking forward for adding more languages within our support department soon. Call us anytime at +44 20 3290 6667!

The most important announcement this time is the addition of our EV SSL - the green address bar. It provides immediate trust - your transactions up to $250,000 are insured, providing a risk-free investment environment! Our company business and website security has been fully validated by Comodo. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate also offers the highest available levels of authentication and protection of sensitive data.

At the end, INVESTIFIELD wishes to thank all investors and promoters for their trust in our program as we aim to grow our business in the effort to continue to serve you better all the time. Have a great weekend!

Best Regards,
Brandon Richardson
Mar-22-2013 02:44:03 PM
NUBCOYU Magazine Issue 13: Recession
Dear Valued Investors,
Greetings everyone! I'd like to thank you everyone for your patronage and support for our NY family. We've grown this far all thanks to everyone's efforts and encouragements and I'd also like to work harder than before for our overwhelming success in the future.
Today we've got some good and bad news, but let's start with the bad ones. So get prepared for our today's magazine.

Part 1: Site's Report

1. Recession and Withdrawal Terms Modified
With the recession of the online marketing industry (not limited to HYIPs), about 4/7 of our portfolios are be stranded amongst payout queues. Some of the most prominent programs in the industries where we invest in are being struck with the technical problems and are not to return anytime before the 20th. The other one is being attacked by the Indian hackers and is going down for maintenance. As the result, our online external income flow is being slowed down, causing the sort-of cash flow issues for us. Since we liquidize the money, it's not like we keep the money idle in our payment processors or anything. So we'd rather call this cash flow blockage rather than negative cash flows.
We want to remain here and pay every of our investors until and ensure that no one loses any capitals, we'd like to modify the payout terms in order to allow us more time to rebuild the portfolios and supply more cash from the offline business counterparts.

The current cash supplies for the NY are:
1. Remaining online portfolios
2. Chicken Rice Stands
3. DVD Shops
4. Adult Stores
5. Anime Shops
6. Sports betting (outsourcing)

As the result, we'd to change the payout term to 7 calendar days in order to make sure that everyone gets paid smoothly and fluidly while not losing their monthly income. At the same time, it gives us more space for our business to grow and recover from the losses.

2. NUBCOYU WorldWide Channel
You can receive FREE updates and notifications on events LIVE via the Nubcoyu Official Facebook Group which can be found here:

3. Compromised Accounts and Counter-Security Measures
We've been handling 20+ compromised accounts cases and are still providing help towards our beloved members. As announced before, we'll soon be upgrading the script for our current system to a more secure and flexible platform, with hybrid system integrated. Please look forward towards it everyone.

Part 2: Nubcoyu Other Updates

1) Nubcoyu To Engage in Sports Betting
I've recently come in contact with our partner, Jackie Patryn who agrees to help us out with the sports betting in order to even further build our external income. I personally don't have any knowledge myself, but will be leaving the matter to our friend Jackie. I've tried with $100 and will be waiting to see the results. Should you have any questions or would like to inquire any services from Jackie, please contact him via Skype: jackiepatryn

2) Acquisition of a DVD store and crocodile farm in Khongaen
My close colleague in Thailand has recently offered me to invest in his coming venture of building one and only DVD store in the province and his crocodile farm. I'll be looking into the matter and see if it's worth the value for our NY external income system. We'll be sharing the photos on Facebook so look forward to it!

3) My Daughter Graduated From High School
As a father, I can't be happier that my dear daughter has now graduated from Hatachi Senior High School and will be heading to the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University coming this September. She's done a great job as a student and as my daughter and I can't be prouder of it. I'd like everyone to congratulate her on her first success!

That's all for today's newsletter. I hope you all understand the situation and give us the cooperation!

Nubcoyu Umezawa

Skype: nubcoyuadmin
Mar-17-2013 09:37:59 AM
OilofAsia Ltd News
Dear members,

please note that there will be delay with SolidTrustPay payments because they asked us to pass another verification and hopefully as soon as they approve our docs we will be able to process STP payments again. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney payments will be processed as usual.

Regards, Adam
Mar-17-2013 09:37:19 AM
Greetings dear investors,

Today is another important day in the life of our company! As you may have already noticed, it's been three months since Air CargoXpress successfully launched its website online. Do you remember that a while ago we asked you how we could reward you for being our loyal investors? Well, the majority of you suggested that we provide larger profits. Due to the fact that with your help our company has become so popular and has been operating successfully for these three months, we decided to show our appreciation for you being our loyal investors by giving you a chance to receive larger profits for a limited time. We'll not be able to provide this opportunity for longer than 5 days since the company needs stable profit in order to continue developing, therefore you have a chance to get a bigger piece of a pie during a short period of time with an additional plan which offers 7% daily for 5 days with a principal back.

We've also added more representatives to the list and if you have any questions, feel free to contact them and ask for advice. If you haven’t received an answer to your question from our representative you're always welcome to contact our support team and ask them your questions directly.

Another thing that we want to inform you about is that currently we're working on the Testimonials area that you have also requested, so soon yo u will be able to express your thoughts and wishes by posting them on that page. We'll also publish the results of our recent poll in the Testimonials area and you will have a possibility to add your further answers there.

As we've mentioned in the latest newsletter we're also working hard on a video that will help you understand why our referral program is better than any other in the industry and explain you how to receive passive income with its help.
We're glad you're enjoying the opportunities provided by Air CargoXpress and we hope that you are excited about even greater improvements just like we are!
We’d like to thank everyone who helps promote our company and we really appreciate your votes and payment proofs posted on forums, monitors and blogs. Together we will make Air CargoXpress a number one investment company online!

Kind Regards,
Air CargoXpress team
Mar-16-2013 09:17:30 AM
SwissInvestFund Weekly newsletter #3
So, working week is over here in Switzerland and we need to give some feedback to you about this week and what is going on to happen in future.

We started this week with some significant improvements in our online investment platform and we wasn't wrong about including them. First thing was investment possible with compounding option. Currently almost every second or third investment is made with at least some compound rate. Users really like this feature and we receive really nice feedback about it. There is still lot of people who still ask about compounding to "PREMIUM" plan, but lets face the reality - it would not be possible to keep investment program alive if we would add such possibility to "PREMIUM" plan and almost everyone understand that.

We already have first members who applied for local representative position and we will start to publish list of them in start of the next week. Of course amount of them would be higher, but since we set limit of 50$ for an active investment it limits only active members to apply, but real truth is - active members are those ones who really know how to work and they do best in field.

Solid Trust Pay was right choice to add and people are really using it a lot in these days. Of course maybe it was our mistake not to add it from the start, but it is better later then never. We are actually quite positively shocked about of amount of people who uses Solid Trust Pay as investment tool.

We must point out that it was really nice to get good feedback from people about these features and and this makes us even more better and stronger then ever before.

Like previous week we had nice and significant increase of both users and deposits in our investment platform, if previous weeks most favorite plans where "BASIC" and "ADVANCED" then this week we can see that more and more popular gets and really big part of people invest in "PREMIUM" plan what was actually expected by our market analysts before. And that just shows that there is lot of place where to move forward.

This week we want to put some light on one youtube user who has made review about us, it was made before our this week update, so "INVEST" page is outdated, but anyway it nicely covers our investment platform and highlight nice features over here:

So, hope everyone had really successful week like we had and we wish anyone pleasant weekend and amazingly successful next week.

Swiss Invest Fund team
Mar-15-2013 09:56:28 PM
Ad-Solid News
In response to numerous requests from investors who do not have the opportunity to invest for the long term plans, we have decided to open a new investment plan "Platinum" - 0.8% daily for 5 calendar days. Deposit is back. We also excluded the "Diamond" plan, because it is not popular, but all payments for the plan will be made according to the regulations
Mar-15-2013 08:43:26 PM
SOL-R Newsletter - Ticket System Launched and MaxiVote Contest Concluded!
Hope everyone is doing well!

We have a couple exciting things to announce today.
We'll start with the launch of our support ticket system.

This has been long overdue but we have now implemented a support ticket system to improve our support even more.

From now on you can visit and click submit a ticket to request support.
In addition, we have implemented a knowledgebase that we will be adding to with common questions. So please search for your question here before submitting a ticket. You can view this from the same link.

Now, onto our final winners of the Maxivote Contest!
Without further delay, here they are:
03/06/2013 - djaqib
03/07/2013 - zmvegh77
03/08/2013 - brainynetwork
03/09/2013 - richpinoyelite
03/10/2013 - mlugz98
03/11/2013 - sol34
03/12/2013 - allwynviegas
03/13/2013 - zappycat

Each of these winners has been awarded a bonus of $20.
Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to everyone that participated.

Keep an eye out for our future newsletters for new and exciting news!


Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team!
Mar-15-2013 08:42:41 PM
UInvest Friday Newsletter
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Selected FPs? -Sure.
We would like to let you know that together with certain changes in the work of FPs that will be applied on April, 15, UInvest is happy to offer a new program - "Selected FPs". The selected FPs' suggestions will always be on top, and they will have a constant deposit that will play a role of a guarantee in all deals.

It's a well-known fact that the most active investors are the key to the progress of any company. We would like to distinguish the most active Uinvestors out of thousands of our clients. These are the clients that help us make our ideas real. Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce that from now on everyone will have an access to the TOP 15 Affiliates and FPs. The indicators of their financial success will stimulate our numerous clients for the further great cooperation with Uinvest.

Success should not go under radar
UI's participation in the 10th China Guangzhou International Investment and Finance Expo was held at the top level. A press release about the exposition written by our PR Department was published in many information resources. But we haven't told you even the half of it yet. While professionals are editing all the photos and videos of our expo, we would like to announce that the first agent from China joined UInvest. We heartily congratulate Dengboss on this achievement.

Article of the week: THE LATEST JOBS ACT UPDATE
The Securities and Exchange Commission's (SEC) Division of Trading and Markets and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) recently published items of particular interest to firms following the progress of the implementation of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act of 2012 (the JOBS Act). You can read more about them by following this link.


We are happy to announce the names of the previous newsletter contest winners!! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first two uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Redsky and Frelli.

We are pleased to award $50 USD to each winner!
Correct answer: In order to make a picture you need a camera, not red hair.

Please see the names of winners for the Tricky question contest for March, 1: Filip Fronek and Abdessamad Hafidi.

A contest question for this week:

One of our uinvestors kicked a game ball. It goes 25 feet and comes back . In what it is possible?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Next letter will be issued on March, 22. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Mar-15-2013 08:42:06 PM
Sureinv News 15. March 2013
Hello all

Today its four months, since we started Sureinv and we still go to great lengths to improve our services:

1. Regional Representative Program

As indicated before, its time to launch our 'Regional Representative Program'. With almost 5,000 clients we feel the need to offer our clients from around the world a personal point of contact within their region.

Sureinv' regional reps will play an instrumental role in the success of our organization. We seek regional reps for mutually beneficial long-term cooperation, that are commited about our investment offerings and are willing to serve motivated and enthusiasticly. Our regional reps need to be compassionate and patient with prospective clients from their region and willing to share his or her own experience with Sureinv, as well as assisting prospective and existing clients if support is needed. They also should work as a liaison between their referrals and Sureinv' management and maintain frequent contact with the Sureinv administration.

If you are interested to enroll, please contact me personally via email ( for more information.

A Regional Representative page will be added to our website at the beginning of the coming week.

2. Withdrawal requests processed on Saturdays

During the last couple of weeks we have received many requests from clients, wondering if we could process withdrawal requests on Saturdays as well, since some are receiving their Friday interest payments after our business hours. To give all our clients the possibility to receive their cashout requests without delay, we have decided to process withdrawal requests on Saturdays as well, starting from tomorrow. Saturdays cashout requests will be processed once any time after 12:00 (noon) GMT. In order to receive your cashout on Saturday, please make sure to request it before 12:00 GMT.

3. Social media and other resources

Our Facebook page is slowly becoming more active and we are around daily to support our clients. If you have a Facebook account, please pass by and say 'Hello' to our growing group of Facebook fans.

We are glad to announce that we are currently the Number 1 program in the Premium list of the well known MNO monitor and blog.

The administration of HYIP-News, added Sureinv to their administrations Top 5 choices in their recent HYIP Informational Survey.

We say a big thank you to everyone who got involved, we couldn't do it without your support.

Enjoy your weekend and all the best,
Mar-15-2013 08:41:36 PM
SwissInvestFund Compounding, Local representatives and Solid Trust Pay
While you had amazing weekend we worked a lot to bring some really nice features to you, these three features were asked from very start and now we bring them all together in one "update".

Investors asked for compounding feature from very first day, almost every day there is at least two people who ask for compounding feature, and today we added it. You will notice how easy is to invest with this feature, it is so easy like everything else on our investment platform. We are happy to receive user feedback that lot of them say that this is most-easy-to-use investment platform what they have ever used until now. Even you do not plan to invest, just check out how well this feature is integrated in interface and how nice this feature is. Also would like to mention that compounding is available for both plan "BASIC" and "ADVANCED". It was possible to add this feature only where we pay principle back. We know that someone will ask: why there is no such feature for "PREMIUM" plan? Answer is simply - "PREMIUM" plan already offers comparatively big interest rate and you can earn a lot with it already, and of course another reason is that we as well as you want all payouts to happen solid and smooth.

Second thing is that we start to hire local representatives, as you will read later in our investment website every local representative will get some benefits and we think they will be key to longer success. Just visit provided link below and do not think twice - apply!

And last thing what was asked every day countless times is Solid Trust Pay payment processor. Making documents ready took more then we expected, but waiting is over and starting from today we start to process payments and investments also with Solid Trust Pay what definitely is one of the most used payment systems today.

For now it is all what we want share with you, and we want just say that this is not everything and we aim to bring lot more in near future.

Swiss Invest Fund - most trusted name in investment industry.

Have a nice evening and rest of the week,

Swiss Invest Fund team
Mar-13-2013 06:38:28 AM
Nobox - More extensions on the way.
Hello Friends,

I wanted to announce Bitcoin today, sadly it seems the shadowscripts team has some difficulties with the integration. However, it shouldn't take much longer.

Anyhow, on the left hand site of the menu, you can find Additional Pages being moved up. Most upcoming extensions will be introduced in that area, so it seems natural to have the navigation at a more approachable location.

I like to Adjust the Timeline on upcoming NoBox Extensions, for once, so you know new developments, and secondly for every one of the new members who might not read our last timeline.

March (somehow super soon!)
Bitcoin will join NoBox as an additional currency. With Bitcoin, we will not only have additional deposit options, but also exchange, withdrawal, and most importantly a shopping partner outside the investment world. Bitcoin will be a game changer! With Bitcoin NoBox is able to attract Shopping and cash-back partners. Additionally selling a bunch of ads, we wouldn't sell without this exiting currency addition.

Shortly after Bitcoin, NoBox will deliver the Shopping system, which replaces the Cash-Back method on our site. NoBox will still be offering cash-back's but in a more professional and easier shopping ecosystem.

April 2013
Bank Account Deposit, Exchange and Withdrawal to Bank Accounts World Wide will be supported. Additional the exchange system will be supporting Wallet to Cash-Balance and direct withdrawals. Switching the Exchange to a full currency exchange system, even for none revenue-pack holders.

At the same time, a Member to Member Exchange Facility will be introduced. NoBox will be acting as an escrow partner, to ensure each exchange. Members will also receive a point system, based on the amount of successful exchanges they have fulfilled. Members are able to exchange the currencies at their own exchange rate, yet creating a revenue to the security-holdback.

Mid-End April 2013
Banner Auction on Banner locations
The Auctions will pay bidders who lost on their Banner Offer 101% back of the bid on Adjustment Friday. Fun way to advertise or make some extra money. I will introduce and explain the system once it's ready. It's a little more complex and exiting as it is on MTV (in case you wonder where I got the idea.)

Mid-End April 2013
Credits become actual valuable. Credits can be traded for others as adding your page to the surf. Additionally you can trade credits to avoid, or reduce fees on transactions within the NoBox environment. Hopefully even some partners will be joining and offer discounts coupons to NoBox, what can be purchased with credits. Furthermore, Members will receive credits for more as just surfing. You will be rewarded for using referral links on the Monitoring page etc. Credits what seems at this time a side reward for surfing will actually become a "currency like power" on the entire NoBox Product. At the time of the Exit Strategy Switch, the credits can even be traded to actual cash! Detailed list of credit points and value list will be introduced during launch of this extension.

Videos vs Surf May 2013
A new Video presentation feature will be introduced. Here, advertisers can upload videos and advertise products. With the Video Presentation, we will offer our surf members the option to skip daily surfs in exchange to watch one Video Presentation.

Pay Per Click April-May 2013
The Pay Per Click feature will generate additional revenue to members, regardless if they are holding a membership or any revenue packs. Membership holders will earn a higher PPC rate as none membership or free members.

01.05.2013 (1st May)
ROI on Revenue-Pack Purchased (Future Sales) reduced to 220% for Members, 120% for none Members. Membership offers Adjusted. (Existing Revenue Packs are not effected).

01.06.2013 (1st June)
Free Member offer will be skipped, and Members need to have a membership to purchase future Revenue Packs.

Notice: The revenue-packs reward Members for helping to switch NoBox from an unknown revenue share system to an advertising, exchange, monitor, shopping, cash-back power house. This is the Extension and Exit Strategy. Most rewarded are the people who helped from the very beginning.

June 2013
NoBox Credit's (we might come up with a better name) Trading introduced. More information's before the system launches.

With more working extensions, NoBox will slowly decrease the ROI from Revenue Packs, until switching the entire system to credits revenue only. Of course, every existing Revenue Pack will earn until the ROI of the Pack at the value you have purchased it is fulfilled. The switch from ROI to credits will be the Exit Strategy. I can't fix an exact date. It depends on the developer, and on how much Revenue Packs has been sold. However, I can promise the Extension and Exit Strategy will work. And will create wealth for each of the Members now with Revenue packs, and in the future with the credit system.

Remember Credits will become a "NoBox currency", what will be more powerful as you can imagine at the moment. NoBox is not a HYIP, a HYBRID, MLM or any other known passive income website. NoBox develops into an Online Business Powerhouse, and I am glad you are part of this development.

More extensions on the way.

Of course, I could have introduced one website with all the features, not sharing any revenue. It would have cost me an enormous amount of money. The system would not be proven, and I would need to spend a large amount of money promoting the NoBox environment, yet not knowing if everything works the way I wanted it. I chose a different direction, rewarding this community helping me in developing the NoBox environment. The way I chose might cost more in developing. However, the system is tested by Members. Additionally the Members guarantee revenue to the NoBox system once the system is fully functioning. No extra advertising costs, what wouldn't guarantee success. Because being a part of NoBox's development makes this somehow a part of you, as much as it is part of me. Plus, you already being used and love the offers NoBox has introduced. At the end of the day, NoBox will be a proven business, and a special one, as it created some wealth for each of us in the progress.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. NoBox has an Extension Strategy what will work. Help me making this and more happen, and let me reward you in return. Building Wealth for you and your family.
Mar-13-2013 06:37:35 AM
PureIncome - news
Tomorrow, Monday, March 11, Belize celebrates National Heroes and Benefactors Day! Based on our Terms of Services, on March 11, the Pure Income stock exchange operates in a day off regime. Shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions.

Jerome Loster
Pure Income Team
Mar-10-2013 09:00:33 PM
Nubcoyu Contest for March 2013
Dear Valued Investors,
Good night from Japan! I'm right here again with the results for the contests for the February Round along with the brand new contest for the March 2013 Round!

March 2013 Round's Contests

1) NY Spring Referral Contest - Find the most downlines and earn the most referral commissions!
Duration: Now - March 31st

1st - $100
2nd - $50
3rd - $25

2) NY MoneyMakerGroup Grand Contest

Rules: Post about NY at the MMG Forum! That might include:
1. Useful discussions
2. Payment Proofs
3. Talk about NY updates and assessments :)

Please refrain from spamming the board or making disrespectful comments. We're all family here and I'd be glad to support everyone!

How the prizes are calculated?
At the end of the month (March 31st), I'll be personally counting the posts made by the users. Those who make the most posts will win the contest. When we count, we include useful posts and payment proofs! SPAMMY posts will NOT be counted.

1st Prize: $200 Bonus
2nd Prize: $100 Bonus
3rd Prize: $50 Bonus

I'm looking forward to see everyone there :D

Results For The February Round

1) NY Referral Contest
1st Skimo2012 - $263.49
2nd SiamKrabiNY - $237.13
3rd casanotaNY - $222.29

2) NY Member of the month
Amanda Raine - Thanks for your hard work! We appreciate your new header for out NY Famliy! Visit our Facebook page to find her there :D

Amanda's Facebook:

Heads UP! Nubcoyu Magazine Issue 13 coming tomorrow!

Nubcoyu Umezawa
Mar-9-2013 05:37:56 PM
Gsa-Onlineinvestments - Accident.
Dear investor, in date center where our main server is located there was an accident therefore we temporarily moved to other address - As soon as will pass recovery work, we will pass to the old address. Thanks for understanding.
Mar-9-2013 10:35:06 AM
NoBox Adjustment Friday, and more Extensions
Hello Friends,

It's Adjustment Friday. So once the server hits 11:59 pm a higher or lower ROI is given. All depends on last weeks performance. Of course if you read the learn more page, you know this depends also on how much money we spend for new features, hosting costs etc.

The Adjustments are a little lower as usual as we are about to spend some serious money for some additions to the script. But before I come to this point, let me announce the numbers.

None Members will receive the usual prime of 2%
Membership Holders as usual getting a little more and ended up with 2.2% today.

Now you had this little voice asking you, what will happen? What did Karlo mention on spending serious money on the script? Well let me explain some upcoming features.

Bitcoin is soon joining the party, and so is the shopping tool. Also, the Member to Member Currency Exchange is in the making. However, you did know that already, so let me announce a few more upcoming features.

Credits become actual valuable
That's right, so far you can trade credits for surf ads. It's a great feature. However, we always try to think like there is No Box. No limitations and new ways of building wealth.

NoBox will soon allow trading of credits, where members can resell and trade credits to other members. Credits can also be converted to Banner Impressions and soon Video Ads.

With the upcoming Video Ads and Presentations, NoBox is able to offer advertisers a new medium to introduce products. Additionally we give Surfers the choice between Surfing the standard Ads, or watching Video Ads after the first three Premium Ads in the Watch Ads Rotator. I will explain this feature in details once it's introduced.

Pay Per Click
NoBox will also receive a PPC area, where members can earn some extra cash.

There is a lot more coming to NoBox, and I will write up a page linked in your Member Area with all the features coming to NoBox and the timeline of seeing and enjoying them.

You might be thinking that NoBox can't accomplish all the goals. Some might even be bad ideas, and we might even drop some. Perhaps some will never be used. Maybe surfing daily is too much to ask, yet you could use the NoSurf Membership to avoid this. But if you open yourself up to the possibility what we can accomplish, and help me achieve this goal, I promise you I help you to create wealth in return.

Enjoy your weekend,

P.S. Congratulation to the first bunch of Members who reached pure profits with their revenue packs. Yes, the earliest Members are now on 100%+ return of their first purchased revenue packs. NoBox creating wealth, and I am glad you all are part of it.
Mar-9-2013 07:16:07 AM
Ad-Solid News
We have just launched localized site for Spanish, Russian, French, Polish, Portuguese and German language! The project is translated into 12 languages

Best regards
Mar-8-2013 11:52:19 PM
UInvest Friday Newsletter
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Welcome to the UInvest dashboard!
We are happy to present our dear clients the UInvest dashboard, the main purpose of which is that you have a quick access to various information.
The dashboard consists of several blocks. Their quantity will grow according to new purposes. Every block represents information about a certain service provided by UInvest, e.g. new credit applications, funds transfer in and out, stock activity, position and rating on the website, a quick access to the distribution list settings, sign up/off the emails distributions.
We believe the dashboard will be of great use for everyone! And... as always, your feedback is always welcome!

Loan Contest Latest Updates
As you might remember on February 20 a new and exciting loan contest started. Everyone is welcome to join the contest and win amazing prizes! You have one month to go, as the contest lasts up to April, 1. We have identified one user with a leading position at the moment. This is dargolf with 8408 points and 15 participants!
At the very start of the contest the volume of credit funds was $10,000,and now it is $35,000! A nice progress, isn't it? You still have time to compete for the loan contest prizes! As a gentle reminder, they are:

3rd place - $500 prize
2nd place -$1000 prize
1st place - $1500 prize

Please check the live chart by following the link

UInvest in China
Dear Uinvestors! We would like to make a surprise to you by saying that this week our company's management attended the 10th International Investment Expo in China, where UInvest was successfully presented as an exclusive and the only one crowd funding company at the investment exposition! Uinvest awoke an immense interest in its business of many attendees! Our representatives were snowed with numerous questions and were very happy to provide full answers. Colorful pictures and interesting videos are being prepared for publishing! Stay tuned and you won't miss them!

In the coming five years new wind power plants with a total capacity of around one gigawatt will be launched in Ukraine, Director of Wind Power LLC, part of the DTEK Holding, German Ainbinder, has said. As reported, DTEK launched wind power plants with a capacity of 90 megawatts at Botiyevska wind power plant (Zaporizhia region), and this year the holding plans to increase the plant's capacity to 200 megawatts. Please read more by following this link.

A contest question for this week:
In China, you cannot take a picture of a Great Wall if you have red hair. Why?
Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.
The correct answer for the Tricky Question from the last week: Therein.
Winners' names will be announced on March 11.
Next letter will be issued on March, 15. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Mar-8-2013 05:47:15 PM
New #3 12EV Ltd
Today,we add online chat,if you have any question,you can get our reply ASAP.
Hope we can do better for you,thanks.
Best Regards.
Mar-8-2013 05:46:14 PM
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