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SOL-R Newsletter - Quick Important Update
We know this response is very late but we have been hard at work over the holiday weekend trying to fix the egopay issues.

As you probably know we have disabled withdrawals to EgoPay right now as they were still having critical issues.
We are awaiting a resolution and response from them right now before we turn the withdrawals back on which we are hoping they get to very soon.

We apologize for this major inconvenience and we are doing as much as we can to speed up this process.

STP is unaffected and working as usual.

Thank you,

Worldpro Limited Team
Apr-1-2013 04:57:47 PM
Monday newsletter uinvest
Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter

Today GUN Regional Managers are starting their work

From April 1, 2013 we are presenting 35 GUN Regional Managers to you. All of them are starting their successful work today and we are pleased to announce the names of chosen GUN Regional Managers:

1. Malaysia GUN Hunter, xedium, haidzir84
2. Indonesia: ihnen_ui, jewe, sarmin, skyadmirer
3. Germany: Stjopa
4. Netherlands: Capitalinvestcenter - Edwin
5. Belgium: Capitalinvestcenter – Edwin
6. Bulgaria: Capitalinvestcenter - Edwin
7. Vietnam: ewen thai, worldinvestment
8. Pakistan: Jeeya, mati_ji
9. Canada: Fantasia*, thenewtitanic*
10. UK: specul8, dritan
11. Lebanon: shahep01*, moneybookers*, volk*
12. Nigeria: Onlyforchrist, jossyfx, einvestng
13. Poland: tymtaszyn
14. Slovenia: Tado, uinvestleader
15. Thailand: Uinvestleader, salapow
16. Ukraine: uomo
17. Spain: cdunetworking
18. Cote d'Ivoire: julien
19. Japan: heyanoseiri
20. Australia: ozgun
21. South Africa: josephk
22. India: asadlion
* GUN Regional Managers with the additional probation period

We hope to see you at the 5th anniversary UInvest Crowdfunding Conference that will be held on April 30 in LA, USA, where we will have a great presentation of such issues as: what GUN is, how it has started and what the role of each participant is. We will discuss our goals, new ideas, will consider suggestions and open the window to the perspectives. Join us:

A New GUN Structure: A GUN Regional Manager is on TOP

Currently, when GUN Regional Managers start working, any user has a choice – to become a GUN sub-Agent (be registered under an RM) or to work as a sole GUN Agent.

The difference is in commissions. The commission from the referral deposit for the ?gent under an RM is 10…20%, whereas the sole GUN Agent is able to earn 0…10% commission.

Building this big and lead team we are connecting our family members – GUN members - in one advantageous structure! Obviously, it is more profitable to work under an RM. Thus, join the team!

How to Apply for a GUN Agent under an RM?
Please read the following instructions carefully:
Instructions “How to Apply for a GUN Agent under an RM” include 5 steps of the successful application process.

1. Please log in to
2. Go to ‘More countries’ – the bottom menu
3. On the Map choose your country and click on it
4. The list of Agents will appear – the top of the list will contain the names of so called gold RMs – click on one of them
5. You will be redirected to the RM profile where you will find the ‘Join RM” button, click on it and go forward with the instructions ‘How to Apply and Become a Sole GUN Agent’.
What if there’s no Regional Manager for your country? You have a unique possibility to apply for this position.

How to Apply and Become a GUN Regional Manager?
You have to be a registered GUN Agent and prepare an essay (2000 symbols) answering the following questions:
I. Please describe your vision of the GUN development in your region for:
– sub-agents;
– business owners;
– uinvestors.
II. Why do you think your region is the best one for the GUN development?
After you will prepare an essay, please send it to

What are the responsibilities, expectations, benefits and directions for an RM – you will find out from the GUN Regional Managers’ HANDBOOK. We will email it additionally to every GUN Regional Manager.

GUN Academy for GUN Regional Managers

From now on you have a right to organize regional meetings with us. Some directions on how to do this you can find in the GUN Regional Managers’ HANDBOOK and you can contact us to discuss possibilities directly
As well as another great opportunity for you is to earn from GUN Academy...just submit students through your office. More information about the Academy courses you can find here:

A new course is dedicated to GUN Regional Managers and aimed at improving your managerial skills, developing all required abilities and guiding to RM’s direct duties.
Are you already a GUN Regional Manager? What to do next? How to fulfill targets and get the strike, how to become successful? In this case GAC08 GUN Regional Manager – the extended course of GUN Academy is specially for you. The course contains tutorials with the updated detailed material; valuable tips from the GUN Team which will help you to take the managerial decision promptly. Webinars for the students will enable Regional Managers to exchange their experience and professionalism. Enroll now and enjoy the benefits! Send your requests to

A New Presentation ‘How to present GUN to a BO’

We’ve prepared a new presentation ‘How to Present GUN to a BO’ and it is available for every Advanced Partner at
You can download it and use for meetings with Business Owners – to tell them about GUN, how it works, why it is useful, and why we need each other.


Today Chat is available at - Copy/paste link in your browser address field (please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and join GUN Online Meeting chat room.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
April 8st 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
Apr-1-2013 04:57:22 PM
nVesta Newsletter #15
Hello again!

Don't forget that We're continue NEW Vip-plan for deposits more than $500: 14.5% Daily for 10 Days!
Existing Vip-deposits was moved to the new plan automatically!

Also more offers, as promised :)

Until the end of the day starting right now! NEW March 30 limited offer!
We add +10% to ALL SolidTrustPay deposits!

Please note: We have the rights to stop the addition of bonuses at any time!
So, hurry up and enjoy!

Once again we want to thank all investors, all our partners who support us, who trust us. Thanks a lot!
We hope you have a nice weekend!

Support stuff online 25/8 for you!
Best Regards, yours nVesta
Mar-30-2013 06:50:28 PM
nVesta Newsletter #14
Hello our valued members!

All scheduled payments done, no pendings or holded payouts.
Please check your e-currency accounts and don't forget to support us on forums by your posts. Thanks a lot!

Don't forget that We're continue NEW Vip-plan for deposits more than $500: 14.5% Daily for 10 Days!
Existing Vip-deposits was moved to the new plan automatically!

Also more offers, as promised :)

Until the end of the day starting right now! March 30 limited offer!
We add +20% to ALL PerfectMoney and ALL LibertyReserve deposits!

Please note: We have the rights to stop the addition of bonuses at any time!
So, hurry up and enjoy!

Once again we want to thank all investors, all our partners who support us, who trust us. Thanks a lot!
We hope you have a nice weekend!

Feel free to contact us with any support requests. Support stuff online 25/8 for you!
Best Regards, yours nVesta
Mar-30-2013 06:50:06 PM
nVesta Newsletter #12
Hello again!

More offers, as promised :)

Until the end of the day starting right now! March 30 limited offer!
We add +20% to ALL PerfectMoney and ALL LibertyReserve deposits!

Please note: We have the rights to stop the addition of bonuses at any time!
So, hurry up and enjoy!

Don't forget that We're continue NEW Vip-plan for deposits more than $500: 14.5% Daily for 10 Days!
Existing Vip-deposits was moved to the new plan automatically!

Once again we want to thank all investors, all our partners who support us, who trust us. Thanks a lot!
We hope you have a nice weekend!

Feel free to contact us with any support requests. Support stuff online 25/8 for you!
Best Regards, yours nVesta
Mar-30-2013 06:49:40 PM
nVesta Newsletter #11
Hello our dear members!

On your requests, we have reduced the amount for VIP-plan!
Now VIP-plan for deposits more than $500: 14.5% Daily for 10 Days.
Existing VIP-deposits was moved to the new plan automatically! ENJOY!

Have a nice weekend! We are proud of your trust!

Feel free to contact us with any support requests. Support stuff work 25/8 for you!
Best Regards, yours nVesta
Mar-30-2013 06:49:15 PM
Weekly newsletter #5
It is late Friday and again one really busy working week in our office is gone.

This week gave us big boost of new members. Our support team who is responsible for live chat and other communication forms had week like no other, so much work and all of this because of you, people who trust us and is together with us. We have reached big success just because of you, but we do not stay just here we will move way further every day.

We would like our members to send us an information what kind of new features you would like to be added in Swiss Invest Fund. Please use contact form - we will review your proposals and add them later if many users will want same features. So, if you know something what could do benefit both for you and us then contact us and maybe even your proposal will be first one what we will add in our investment platform.

Again we want to inform everyone that we still and will always check every investment manually, it is because of your own safety, even if your status "PENDING" is staying longer then 10 minutes, it do not mean that you need to contact support team, if you have paid then your investment will be active soon.

Some nice reviews came out this week, we will introduce one for English speaking readers and one for Russian speaking ones. Thanks everyone who is advertising our investment platform in Internet and not only there, every day we receive really nice and positive feedback for you.

We wish you pleasant weekend with family and nice Easter weekend for those ones who celebrates it.


Swiss Invest Fund team
Mar-29-2013 09:59:28 PM
1st Making bank Weekly Newsletter
Fist I would like to wish a happy and healthy Easter weekend to all.
Now to our most recent news. We are pleased to announce that we are growing at the pace intended and = have 2 announcements.

1. Yesterday we added MNO to our list of monitors and have been met = with a very warm welcome from many new investors. Thank you very much. We = know you will not be disappointed. (See you in the shoutbox soon)

2. Today we have added STP to our list of accepted payment processors. = There is no fee and withdrawal Min is $1.00 same as LR and PM. (Note that = for security reasons you will need to contact us via live support or = support ticket to add your STP is to your account prior to requesting = withdrawal)

Also, many of our competitors will not be paying interest or processing = withdrawals or perhaps will have limited support but to show our = dedication and appreciate for your trust in us WE Will conduct business as = usual 24/7 including live chat support.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

Best Regards, Team Making Bank

for best experience you should view this newsletter with images displayed
Mar-29-2013 09:59:05 PM
nVesta Newsletter #10
Hello again!

Don't forget that We're continue Vip-plan for deposits more than $1000: 14.5% Daily for 10 Days.
Existing Vip-deposits was moved to the new plan automatically!

Once again about the minimum amounts for withdraw:
please do not request payouts for EgoPay, if amount less than $1.
For SolidTrustPay - minimum amount $0.50. For LR and PM payouts there no minumum.

Hope you have a great time with nVesta program. Have a nice Weekend!

Feel free to contact us with any support requests.
Support stuff online 25/8 for you without holidays and relaxdays!

Best Regards, YOURS nVESTA
Mar-29-2013 09:58:34 PM
UInvest Friday Newsletter
Monthly newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Uinvest and WestPark Capital. New Partnership, Bright Opportunities
Uinvest rushes to announce that the company has entered into a consulting partnership with the investment banking firm WestPark Capital, Inc., that will be UInvest's primary U.S.-based investment industry advisor in order to provide our services to US customers in the future.
From now on the two partners will work on creating a crowdfunding platform that will fully comply with appropriate SEC regulations. We are also pleased to let you know that WPC has become a partner of our company at UInvest International Conference 2013 that will take place in April 29 - May 1 in Los Angeles, CA. Still want to learn more? Please refer to the press release about the new partnership by following the link.

Improvements for FPs' comfort
Dear uinvestors, we believe that one can always find some space for improvements. This time we would like to make you happy by certain improvements that were done for FPs' comfortable and successful work. The "Activate Custom Field" opportunity allows you to add necessary space for transactions completion, configure the settings for each payment system. Another improvement done for FPs is that an obligatory window will pop up when ordering a transaction, where conditions for every transaction completion must be indicated within each payment system. You will also have an opportunity to see the date indication when downloading invoices, and an ability to sort invoices in WB by date. And finally you will be able to choose the number of transaction per page for your comfortable viewing. You are welcome to enjoy all these improvements!

Haven't registered for the UICC 2013 yet?
You still have that chance!
Dear uinvestors, you all know that our priority is to meet your expectations. We got notified that some of you got upset as under various circumstances you missed the chance to register for the Uinvest event of the year - UICC 2013. Well... you did not! Your numerous concerns were not left unnoticed, and we decided to extend the registration period for UICC 2013 up to April, 7, 2013. Please make sure that you put that date in your calendar with a daily reminder! It's now the time to enjoy the registration process, and get packed for the UInvest event of the year! See you there!

Article of the Month: Ukrainian government to allocate UAH 7.2 B ($ 885MLN) for road repairs and construction.
The Ukrainian government plans to allocate UAH 7.2 billion for the construction and repair of roads, Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov has said."Today we'll consider and approve a list of projects of road construction, reconstruction, overhaul and repair of roads of general use of state and local importance, and the size of financing in 2013 for credits taken under government guarantees, thanks to which UAH 7.2 billion will be spent on some important road infrastructure all over the country," he said, opening a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, March 20st. For more information please follow this link.

We are happy to announce the names of the previous newsletter contest winners!! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first two uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Dunpelhunter (took him 48 minutes) and Ivan (gave a correct answer in 49 minutes). We are pleased to award
$50 USD to each winner!

The correct answer: 101

A contest question for this week:

How is it possible for a man not to sleep for 11 days?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Next letter will be issued on April, 5. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Mar-29-2013 07:38:21 PM
Sureinv News 28. March 2013
Hello all

Firstly we would like to address our working schedule for the approaching Easter holidays:

Please be informed that interest will be credited to your account tomorrow, Good Friday, as well as on Easter Monday. Withdrawals will not be processed during the upcoming holidays and resume on Tuesday, April 2nd. Limited customer support will be available throughout the holidays but is restricted to urgent requests only.

May you have an awesome Easter! Have fun in Easter egg hunting and hanging out with your family and friends on this special occasion! Wishing you and your family a joyful and blessed Easter!

All the best,
Mar-28-2013 06:52:21 PM
OilofAsia Ltd Urgent News
Dear members,

unfortunately SolidTrustPay continue their dirty tricks and we can do nothing in this situation. After they unlocked our account they still tried to do everything to steal our account balance. First they limited our account to $999 per transaction but now they decided to suspend our account completely just because of one blackmailer complaint. We have been hard at work negotiating and disputing the funds we had on our account providing all necessary documentation, however all our efforts to get this sorted have been unsuccessful. SolidTrustPay officials have ceased communication with us after we have provided all necessary papers and never got back to our tickets while phone support put us on hold and never got back to us either. We are really disappointed that SolidTrustPay is such a cheap scam so there is no way that we continue working with them. Those members who processed their deposits using SolidTrustPay please go to their Help section, create support ticket with title
Oil of Asia Ltd refund, copy of this ticket should be sent to and they will refund your initial deposit. We strongly recommend to withdraw or exchange funds from this fraud payment processor, especially if you have big amounts at your account balance because they can steal your money at any time. From now no more deposits or withdrawals will be processed via Solid Trust Pay. SolidTrustPay is now replaced with EgoPay. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Yours, Adam
Mar-28-2013 01:10:41 PM
Ad-Solid News
Dear investors, thank you for your support of our project! We are happy to inform you that more and more advertisers are joining our program as well as the traffic to our site is constantly growing. Marketing department in our project reports: our managers have signed contracts with major advertisers for the period of April-June. Thanks to all our investors for doing business with us
Mar-26-2013 08:53:55 PM
SOL-R Newsletter - EgoPay Instant Withdrawal Back On
I want to start off by thanking each and every one a lot for there patience with the recent egopay issues.

As you may or may not know, we had to disable instant withdrawals for EgoPay, as well as temporarily stop processing EgoPay withdrawals.
This was due to an issue on EgoPay's end which was causing multiple payouts when someone withdrew. Luckily we caught this in time and had we not restricted these payments while we fixed it this could have been damaging.

Fortunately we were able to come up with a solution to help prevent this in the future and we were able to turn Instant Withdrawals back on.

You will only be able to withdraw once per hour now. So please keep this in mind if your trying to perform multiple withdrawals.

Also, we disabled the cancel withdrawal button for EgoPay. This was put there for convenience if your withdrawal ever goes pending. In light of the recent issues we thought it best to remove this feature.

We appreciate everyone who supported us during this time, you are all amazing.

Now it's back to business as usual so look forward to our next newsletter!


Jonathan Krueger and the Worldpro Limited team.
Mar-26-2013 08:53:19 PM
Axiom Investing Group - Update server software
Dear investors!

On March 26th, in the period from 16-00 to 06-00 London time on our server will be updated software and configure a new firevall. In this period will not be available and some withdrawal deposits, it is also possible site is temporarily unavailable.

Thank you!

Axiom Investing Group
Mar-26-2013 08:52:52 PM
Greetings Dear Investors,

Today our company achievied it's first greatest milestone! We're celebrating 100 days online and we welcome you to join us in this celebratory event!

We've been going through our numbers and concluded that since December 15th 2012 AirCargoXpress achieved the best profit margin in the history of the company. It proves that business model that has been provided by Dylan Middleton works! It's been concluded that with such company growth it'll become soon the biggest investment company in the world and will produce income for a huge amount of people. And for you to take part in this wonderful celebration we prepared specially for you great opportunity to invest in our 3 DAYS ONLY Anniversary plan! It'll pay you 10% daily and will mature in 3 days from the moment you ivnested! And the good news is that WITHDRAWALS for this plan are INSTANT and you will not have to wait for request to be processed as usual! On 28th March 11:59 PDT is the last day you will be able to make a last deposit to this plan and after that we'll resume our regular plans!

We've also added testimonials to our website left by our investors. Currently only comments sent to our support team from our greateful investors are included. But if you would like us to include your personal testimonial you're welcome to send it to

As we promised we're working on the video for our affiliate program and we'll post it on Friday 29th for you to understand and enjoy our superior affiliate program!
If you will have any questions or suggestions as always feel free to contact us on online support or write a letter to

Kind Regards,
Air CargoXpress
Mar-25-2013 05:15:19 PM
AxaIndustries Server issues.
Dear members,

Earlier today we had some server issues which have been fixed already. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this downtime.

Warm Regards,
Axa Industries Team
Mar-25-2013 05:14:57 PM
Chess Investment Newsletter
Today's News on Chess Investment

As Chess Investment LTD grows and becomes more stable, it is our objective to ensure that you obtain the best possible investment services online. We have reached a membership count of 958members in just 9Days with members from all over the world; we could not have done this without your everyday support. Thanks to you all.

Our investment plans remain the same, paying;
5% Daily for 30Days
7% Daily for 20Days
13% Daily for 10Days
We take pride in being able to offer these profitable plans to all our investors. There is a new video posted on our YouTube channel, you can take a look at it by simple clicking on this link:

If you are pleased with the Chess Investment services, we ask that you tell your friends. It is our intention to continue to add valuable investment solutions that meet the need of our investors.

Our customer service representatives are available to answer all inquiries within the shortest time. Solution is our key word, and we hope to reflect this in our everyday service. For today, all withdrawal requests have been processed just as quick as we have always done.

Thank you for giving us this moment.

Chess Investment,
"Every Move Puts You in Profit"

Chess Investment Team
Mar-23-2013 04:28:13 PM - New Videos Uploaded
Our official company presentation in English and Russian language has been uploaded.

Presentation in English language -
Presentation in Russian language -

Alexa ranking -

Please note: If you withdrawal goes pending after request, please check if you have entered correctly your PM/LR/STP/EP account id.

Our support email

Best Regards
Mar-23-2013 04:27:43 PM
SwissInvestFund Monthly newsletter
Hope you had really successful working week, because we had a week like that and looks like spring is already arrived also in Switzerland and we are really happy about that.

Two days ago we celebrated our first month (30 days) online presence for Swiss Invest Fund, but we decided to send out or weekly newsletter only today, because today is the day when some of the first members who invested in "PREMUIUM" plan finished it. Three of them already started second circle for "PREMIUM" plan and we really appreciate that. One of the main reasons why Swiss Invest Fund is so successful is that we offer wide range of investment opportunities what satisfies almost every investor. Investors can decide to invest in long term and in medium/short term with balanced interest rates. One of our key to success is that we offer five payment processors (LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, EGO Pay, PexPay and Solid Trust Pay) what allows us to be leaders in investment field. Of course this is not the place where we can say that it is top of our success, but place where we can only think about even stronger growth in next months. We will be able to do that, because we plan to add some new features in future what will just make our place in investment industry even stronger then ever before.

First month for Swiss Invest Fund was way more successful then we ever expected, we reached 1500 members what is amazingly good, because we expected something about 1000. Our investment platform is more sucussful then we calculated from first two week analysis, but since we are targeting our investment platform to top elite investors we saw really big growth in end of the month when we experienced growth like no time before.

We would like to remind that if you refer new people to join Swiss Invest Fund investment platform you can receive referral bonus starting from six up to nine percent from every new investment under you. Also we would like to point out that if you join our regional representatives section you receive even 0.5 percent more for every new investment under you. This it your chance to make bigger profit, so start to advertise and earn even more.

Some reviews about Swiss Invest Fund what came out during this week and are worth to read. For our English speaking community:
For our Russian speaking community:

We wish you pleasant weekend with family and successful working next working week.

Swiss Invest Fund team
Mar-23-2013 04:26:59 PM
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