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BetWinn365 congratulates all members on their support!
Hello !
Thanks everyone for your support.
We are continuously striving to provide our members with the best investment solutions on the current market . Please don’t forget to leave your feedback at the following Forums:

May-10-2013 07:11:03 PM
BBL-BANK - Domain Offline
Dear Friends and Customers:

We would like to welcome you aboard Biwako Bank Limited and thank you for your trust in our work.

We have a problem with domain again, we already start work to fixed this problem and change the domain servers.

This process will be take 24/48 hours, our costumers need wait.

All earnings and accounts not will be affected.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

Thank You for chossing Biwako Bank Limited!

Chairman & CEO

Biwako Bank Limited
May-10-2013 07:10:36 PM
RouletteGURU - Member Newsletter 10. May 2013
Hello all

More than 600 new members have signed up in the last 10 days, so I guess it's time to say Hello! Thank you all, we didn't expect such an overwhelming acceptance and are glad to have all of you with us.

My name is Sebastian Blitzer and I am the administrator of RouletteGURU.

Few things I like to point out today:

Last Sunday we have been reviewed by the well known Money-News-Online blog. Money-News-Online has been the preferred source of information for online investors for many years. Please read our review here.

Earlier this week our Ratings, or Monitoring page was added to our website. Please check our payment status here. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to vote for us with one of the monitors or post your payment proof in one of the investment forums. Networking is powerful and extremely important and will help us to be at your service for a long time to come.

Also, we are pleased to announce that we have reached a mutual agreement with and announce AlertExchanger as our official Exchange Partner.

AlertExchanger is a trusted e-currency exchange service in business since 2008.

And that's all for today folks! Take care until next time.

Yours truly,

May-10-2013 07:09:50 PM - Latest Updates
Dear Investors and Members of JLBCO,

We have no new updates to mention other than that everything has been running very smoothly with our company and investment program. We have been experiencing steady and continued growth, and are in a secure position for providing long term and stable returns for all of our investors.

Also, we have recently took part in an interview with with PHO that can be read here:

Thank you all for your continued support in our mutual success!


JLBCO Management Team
May-10-2013 05:30:13 AM
MoneyInSports Quick Update
Hello Everyone,

If you are following our picks just the last two days and placed 100.00 bets on the games we gave per unit you would have made over 1400.00 profit. Congrats to everyone that is taking advantage of these picks. We will not always win, but in the end we will make a nice profit off from sports investing as we have done year after year.

The first investors will be in profit in the next few days on our 2% daily for 80 days plan. We thank everyone that joined from the start, we look forward to your continued support.

We have the script, plan, ddos protection, and team in place to make MoneyInSports the program of 2013. You will not get rich overnight with some crazy plans that very few profit in, but you will make a solid daily return for months and years to come.

Lastly we want to thank everyone for making MoneyInSports as popular as it is already. Our Alexa is under 120,000 already and we continue to move up the ranks at the different Monitors.

We will be back on 5/8 with our daily picks, and recap of the 7th.


May-8-2013 07:27:17 AM
EaglesInvestment News Letter 06/05/13
To all investors and partners.
Eagles team had opened official facebook page for publishing the last news and updates.
You can follow our page here:

Please note any other pages under our name are fake.
Please do not hesitate to contact us
May-7-2013 05:30:07 AM
BBL-BANK - WebSite Offline
Dear Friends and Customers:

Our servers are under maintenance and the site are offline. We will solve the problem, it may take up to 24 hours. All earnings No information from our customers will be affected, and all earning remained active.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks For Choosing Biwako Bank Limited.

Chairman & CEO
May-1-2013 09:05:43 PM
Betwinn365 news
Dear users,
On the 30th of april, we had expirenced a ddos attack which resulted in minor downtime to our website. Due to the following fact, all daily interest occured with a bit of delay. We appologize to all of our users for this incovience and look forward to your steady support. Please dont forget to support our company by posting feedback on the following forums:
May-1-2013 09:04:41 PM
Financial Freedom Newsletter, week 18, 2013
Dear Financial Freedom Comunity,

We intentionally delayed the newsletter this week, since there are not so many news to mention. The investment industry is lying quite low nowdays after the shaky times we had the last months, but it didn`t hinder us from completing a few successful deals in the last days, as well as experiment with some new ones.

Amanda Reed presentation:

Hi, my name is Amanda. I am the head of support at Financial Freedom. Many of you may recognize me from mails I have sent and tickets I have answered. I`m also the personal secretary of Mr. Russel Johnson. I do the usual secretary work, deal with documents, make coffee for the boss etc.

Picture of Amanda:

There has been discussion whether or not Financial Freedom uses any kind of protection against hacker attacks etc, ddos protection. Well, there is. For those more technically gited ones, it would be easy to verify. For those who are, not, you have to take my word for it. And by the way, access to the payment processor accounts is very limited, and we alway keep our APIs disabled.

The Liberty Reserve login problems seem to persist. Again, if you can`t login, please disable the "remember my account on this computer" option on the login page.

Other than that, Financial Freedom has been added to a few other monitors, like HYIP Analysis, OnHYIP, MaxHYIP, and

Soon we`ll be implementing other payment processors.
May-1-2013 07:57:29 AM - Weekly Update: 4/23 - 4/30
Dear JLBCO investors:

Today marks the 1 week anniversary since we have launched our online investment program, and want to thank everyone who helped us have such an incredible start!

We are pleased to say that we have had zero problems since launching. No DDOS attacks, No hacked accounts, No site outages, and we hope to keep it this way!

We hope everyone is happy with the withdrawals they have been receiving and hope you are continuing to support us on the forums and monitors!

In other news, we have also added the OKPay payment processor for deposits and withdrawals and are working on adding more payment options for our investors.

Again, thank you to all of our investors and supporters for this outstanding launch! We look forward to having a long and profitable relationship!


JLBCO Management Team
May-1-2013 07:56:37 AM
Uinvest - New project added - Spa Complex Premium
New project added - Spa Complex Premium

We're glad to inform you that new project has been added!

Spa Complex Premium

Region of Business: Ukraine, Prykarpattia region

Business: Spa Complex Premium

Period of business activity: 6 year

Funds required: $1,411,000

Monthly earnings: $224,100


This area evolves steadily taking advantage of being a component of the Carpathian Euroregion International Association and facilitating cooperation in the fields of trade, tourism and economy. Demand keeps increasing, so infusion of money in this spa complex is required for further development. These conditions are the best for those intending to make investments in a profitable business and get a stable profit.

All the best from UInvest.
Apr-29-2013 07:36:59 AM
MoneyInSports - Free Plays For 4/21
Hello Everyone,

Here are your free daily picks from MIS. We will always include 1-3 picks that we like and are placing on our own. We place more picks than this, but we wanted to give our users a chance to see some of the games we are placing bets on.

We will try to email these daily so you can see some of the plays we are making. These plays are for informational purposes only.

We will include the game number, the team(s) in the bet, the type of bet such as money line (ML) or Point Spread (SP), and the odds or the over/under play.

First will be the Recap from the day before, under the Recap will be the next days action.

4/20 Recap:

MLB - 957 Atlanta vs Pittsburgh Under 7.5 -120 Won

MLB - 978 Seattle vs Texas Under 9.5 +100 Won

NBA - 702 New York PS -7 -110 Push

2-0 for the day

4-3 Overall record

4/21 Plays:

MLB - 928 Los Angeles Angels ML -119

NBA - 712 San Antonio Spurs SP -8

NBA - 714 Miami Heat SP -13


Apr-21-2013 06:34:43 PM
Uinvest Monday newsletter
Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter

GUN Regional Managers are all on the GUN Map!

You can find each Regional Manager on the GUN Map – the “More Countries” button at the bottom of the GUN site will help you. Once you are registered as a GUN Agent you can join a Regional Manager of your region. If there is no Regional Manager for your country – you can apply for the RM position and earn with us!

How to Apply for the GUN Regional Manager Position?

It’s the easy thing to do…

You need to be a registered GUN Agent and need to prepare an essay (2000 symbols) answering the following questions:

I. Please describe your vision of the GUN development in your region for:

– sub-agents;
– business owners;
– uinvestors.

II. Why do you think your region is the best one for the GUN development?

After you will prepare an essay, please send it to

Each GUN Agent should also appear on the Map. If you cannot find yourself there – please forward your concern to our support team and our admin will guide you how to fix this problem and be presented on the GUN Map.

The number of Regional Managers and GUN Agents is growing fast! There will not be free space on the Map soon!

Welcome our newcomers – the GUN Regional Managers from Ghana, Romania, Taiwan and China!

The GUN Academy Free Course!

The GUN Regional Manager Extreme Course starts May 20, 2013! It is obligatory for each GUN Regional Manager to take this course and to learn the best way to make money with us!

You will find out standard managerial tricks, some secrets and details needed for your success, instructions how to guide your sub-agents, etc. In fact, each region is a special one, thus we will also learn a lot of new things sharing our experience with each other during the Webinar Meetings. See you there! Together we are stronger than ever!
You will obtain the necessary skills to be more powerful with Global UInvest Network and to enjoy all benefits of a GUN Regional Manager. Be sure that you will learn how to meet targets and get strikes. In addition to this, step by step with every following week of the study you will obtain the precious experience, profound knowledge and professional support. Moreover, the GAC08 GUN Regional Manager Course is the extreme course which will be conducted free of charge during 6 weeks. The course is designed and advisable for every Regional Manager!!! For more information please, follow this link:

The Help Section for GUN Regional Managers

This week we are going to finalize and present to each Regional Manager the Help section – the step-by-step guide “How to Work with the back office”, where you can find statistics, what your targets are and how to accept new sub-agents.
The instructions with clear screenshots will be available till the end of the week.
We are doing our best to improve your performance as a GUN Regional Manager, all you need now is to focus on your targets and work well!
We are open for your suggestions and ready to assist you with questions and materials you need to succeed as the GUN Regional Manager!
Currently you can forward your requests to


Today Chat is available at - Copy/paste link in your browser address field (please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and join GUN Online Meeting chat room.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
April 22th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
Apr-15-2013 03:05:47 PM
Nobox - Bitcoin Ready, are you?
Hello Friends and Business Partners,

Today I like to introduce Bitcoin! Yes, our programmers have done it, and NoBox is finally able to provide Bitcoin Deposits and Withdrawals. This is the next step forward in the Extension and Exit Strategy, and there is more to it.

Let's start with the price of Bitcoins. If you use Bitcoin to deposit or withdraw on NoBox, you will receive the live exchange rate of Mt.Gox.

Deposits are credited as soon the Bitcoin system shows 3 confirmations. Therefore please do not send a ticket when your deposit shows not up in your back office. The transaction will be credited the second 3 confirmations hitting the Bitcoin Wallet. This is normal for any Bitcoin shop or any business using Bitcoins.

The Member to Member Exchange and Trading feature will be the next Extension of the NoBox environment. I expect this feature to be online before the first of May. At the same time, the ROI on future sales of Revenue packs will be lowered to 120% for none Members and 220% for Members. Again, this change is for future sales and does not effect already purchased Packs.

I did a lot of Bitcoin trading these past few weeks, and this business is extremely rewarding. Of course, it not hurt that the Bitcoins are now worth $230, and when I started trading the Bitcoin price was under $50. However, the best part is the Coin price not just jumped up, but moving up and down during the day. So holding might be good, but trading even generates more revenue.

To introduce Bitcoin to the NoBox community, I decided to give a 10% revenue pack purchasing bonus. This 10% are for purchasing any packs using any currency of your choice. However, since the exchange to Bitcoin is impossible or extremely difficult in STP and extremely expensive in Egopay, I limit the deposits on both of these currencies. With Solidtrustpay, you can purchase a maximum of 500 Revenue Packs a day, and with Egopay the Maximum is lowered to 2500 packs per day and member. Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money and Bitcoin have no limitations on Pack Purchases.

The Bonus will be automatically added to your purchase of packs, just as the last time during the Valentine Special. The Bonus round is added from now, until April 20, 2013.

This bonus round should give us some Bitcoin advantage, and attract Bitcoin users who might never joined any surf or revenue share page in the past. In other words, we open the door to an whole new industry.

Furthermore, once the Members to Members trading features are online Solidtrustpay can not be used for any trades and exchanges. Egopay will be part of the Members to Members exchange mechanism. You can use all currencies in the shopping environment, what will be the next step after the Member to Member Trading engine is installed.

As you can see, NoBox is moving forward. With Bitcoin, we will open doors for Shops, new Advertising partners and of course it gives me an additional way of generating money for the revenue holdback.

Help me to transform NoBox from a revenue share engine to a powerhouse business. In return, I make sure you create wealth for yourself and your family.

Regards, Karlo

P.S. You might be interested reading this article:
Update on NoBox - The Revenue Share Powerhouse
Apr-10-2013 06:22:32 AM
Stabilico News - EgoPay payment processor added!
Dear Stabilico-Customers,

We want to inform you that we have added EgoPay support, and you may now use this payment processor at your convenience.

Stabilico Team
Apr-9-2013 09:28:20 PM
Diometal Notice about time zone differences
Dear Investors and Partners!

On Tuesday 09-Apr-2013, some investors contacted us, asking “why I invested more than 24 hours but the interest has still not credited to my Diometal account?”

We explain this case as follows:

Diometal counts daily interests at 11:55 PM UTC -8. Due to time zone differences, the moment you invested is still in Sunday according to this time zone.

We hope we have made the case clear.

Best regards,
Jorg Becker
Diometal Inc.
Apr-8-2013 07:07:45 PM
Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter
Another proof of our movement to success! The project Stage I presented to you last year has been successfully funded and now works perfectly to be profitable and to pay interest monthly. Now we are presenting to you the Stage II of this project. Hurry up to purchase shares of it and earn together with the project from Indonesia!

The GUN Academy Anthem Record is available!

The GUN Academy Anthem has been recorded! At last this long-awaited moment has come! You can download the Anthem from the link:

And enjoy the music! Special thanks to the GUN Agent, Giovanni, who has prepared the lyrics about GUN Academy and become a star of GUN Academy as a student as well. Our sincere gratitude to Edgar and Dane – you, guys, made an especial contribution to the GUN Academy Project while spending last Friday at the recording studio! It is a really great job!

The Technical works

As you know, last week GUN Regional Managers’ Position was implemented and since the same day we have been working on technical improvements. In a few days technical works should be finished and you will start to connect your sub-agents. We apologize for the inconveniences.


Today there will be no GUN Online Meeting at UInvest.
Next GUN Online Meeting will be on Monday, April 15th 2013.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
April 15th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
Apr-8-2013 04:01:05 PM
Malaysian INC video#2
We have added the video #2 on our video channel on YouTube.
If you interested, you can watch it at this link:

Thank you for choosing our company!

Best regards,
Malaysian INC Team
Apr-8-2013 11:33:48 AM
SwissInvestFund Interviews
Maybe you are interested how our very successful online investment program Swiss Invest Fund works? Yes, now there is available some interviews form our stuff and you can read them. Just click on links to read information about us.

Interview on Money News Online:

Interview on Invest Punch:

Have a sucessful working week everyone,


Swiss Invest Fund team
Apr-1-2013 09:23:22 PM
Making Bank STP issue explained...
Hello All, It appears that STP has suspended our account without warning. As many of you know Making Bank has 2 C0-Admins. We live in different = countries and apparently logging into your account from another country = will result in instant suspension. We called STP immediately upon learning = of this suspension but we get a recorded message stating they are closed = for Easter Monday. We will call again tomorrow during business hours and = hopefully we can satisfy them and continue to accept STP.

As a further note please request your STP withdrawals and we will = process them even though we can receive deposits.

Hopefully STP will allow us to do this .

Team Making Bank
Apr-1-2013 08:59:30 PM
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