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New intereting program Added
New Program Added (British-Art-Inc)
4.44%-5.19% daily for 27 days
Aug-21-2013 12:35:42 PM
Warning Program ALERT (SafeInvestments)
Warning Program ALERT (SafeInvestments) - This program is moved to SCAM section.
Aug-21-2013 11:00:51 AM
Baobaks - Status program - Waiting.
I change status program for waiting, becouse i got e-mail from admin:
" my project will move into the next stage of development. People will sell baobaksy each other and for them to buy goods. Today the sign for the new regulations. Stay tuned for updates. Payments are all in turn."
Aug-20-2013 06:04:27 PM
Warning Program ALERT (Baobaks)
Warning Program ALERT (Baobaks) - Status program - PROBLEM. This program stopped paying! Do not invest there!
Aug-20-2013 05:51:22 PM
Warning Program ALERT (SafeInvestments)
Warning Program ALERT (SafeInvestments) - Status program - PROBLEM. This program stopped paying! Do not invest there!
Aug-20-2013 09:36:13 AM
Asia For Invest - News
Hello Dear Investors! Today, 50 days, how our project. First of all like to congratulate and thank all those who have entrusted their investments to Us. And wanted to ask about one more: DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE THE DEPOSIT, AND AS PROFIT. All the success and good profit. There will be questions please contact us at Always welcome.
Aug-7-2013 03:33:26 PM
Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter
More Countries! We make a big step forward!

We would like to congratulate our new Regional Manager of South Korea on his new position. We are happy to welcome you to the team and wish you every success in your work! This region is quite new for UInvest and we hope that your commitment and work will expand Global UInvest Network and bring the crowdfunding possibilities to many individuals, seeking free and fair investment opportunities.

Feedbacks and Suggestions

Last week every GUN Agent received an email from us requesting the feedbacks and suggestions about GUN – GUN Agents communication. A lot of Agents have already sent us suggestions and advice concerning the matter, we are waiting for your great ideas as well. As the main priority of Global UInvest Network is to create a community of free individuals working for the same cause, we will be happy to hear from you.

Webinars Schedule

As you know, we have prepared a schedule for the GUN Agents webinars, thus if you have any ideas for the next subjects or there are topics you would like to discuss, or some issues you want to highlight on your own, please do not hesitate to contact us via We will be glad to hear your suggestions and to put them on our schedule.Welcome! We hope for fruitful cooperation and wish you enormous results!


Chat room with name 'gun on-line meeting' will be open for everyone.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
August 12th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
Aug-5-2013 08:24:54 PM
CATENA FINANCE: PayPal and credit cards
We have received numerous mails from users wondering as to why we do not accept PayPal. The reason why we do not is security. Simply put, fraudulent misuse of PayPal is too much of a risk for our line of work, and that is why we will not accept it.

If the only reason for demanding PayPal is that you can fund your account with credit cards, we have another solution. SolidTrustPay offers the same functionality. All you need to do is verify your SolidTrustPay account and after that you may fund using your credit card and do the deposits at Cantena Finance.

We don't have any big news, primarily because everything is going superbly. We had no problems for now, and everything is going perfectly. It would not be possible without your support. Thank you very much for all your support and trust.

We would also like to use this opportunity to remind you of our excellent affiliate program, which pays in three levels, with which
you can earn money without investments.

Kindest regards,
Catena Finance Support
Aug-4-2013 08:31:04 PM
Aether Advance - Updates and Next Few Days..
Hello everyone.

As you all know, our revenue that is generated from our advertising package sales is what is primarily used to share to our members in the form of the percent per day daily earnings. With all of the revenue sharing program craze over the past two months, it has been incredibly difficult to compete against other revenue sharing opportunities that pay out a higher daily percentage than us, albeit for a much shorter time frame.

We have exerted ourselves in leveraging some of our Aether Advance funds to generate additional income to share to our members in some of the recent revenue sharing programs, but our new member rate and purchases being made by new members have slowed significantly over the past month, and now we simply cannot keep up with our daily percentage payouts. The dramatic decrease in new purchases being made, along with multiple fraudulent deposits, have been the primary causes for our abrupt closure.

It brings us great disappointment that we have to share this news. Earnings will continue to run from tonight, Friday August 2nd, to Sunday night, August 4th. After Sunday's earning run, earnings on advertising package purchases will be ceased and our members will have Monday and Tuesday to request any remaining amounts from their Cash Balance.

We have lowered the minimum withdrawal amount to $2 so that more members can withdrawal out their remaining funds, and we have also disabled new deposits to be made.

To those of you who have lost a significant portion of their deposit/purchase: We will send an email on Monday, August 5th regarding our decision on what to do to help lessen your losses.

Again, we apologize about how things turned out for our program, but it is not something that can be avoided at this point. Tomorrow marks our second month anniversary of being online, and we hope that you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have.

We will be sending out another newsletter to update everyone again on Monday.

- Aether Advance Management
Aug-2-2013 06:07:43 PM
Asia For Invest - News
Hello dear members of the project Asia For Invest! Today is Friday, the last working day of the week. Testing of the new cabinet, found that it works. Yes there were flaws, but thanks to you, they have been corrected online. It was a lot of work around the office, creating them we listened to you. I would also like to say about the participants who received their payments after 3-5 hours. No need to worry, the payments are processed from 1 minute to 12 hours. It depends on the operators. Briefly: For example, the operator seemed to accrual are not correct. After that, the system is switched to manual mode. And the operator begins to check each user who requested the withdrawal. Then he presses the button to pay. We do not block accounts and do not remove, because it makes no sense. The man again wants to join it and sign up (under a different username). I wanted to thank the people who helped us test the cabinet, which is not silent, and wrote to the technical support and the
issue was resolved immediately. Fortunately you to spend a weekend and do not forget about us. Thank you.
Aug-2-2013 06:06:57 PM
bcapitalist- Sorry For Delay
Dear All ,

we apologize to delay payment in last weak , as we informed you before we had some script problem , we installed some new option in our system .
please cancel your withdraw request and make it again to process ASAP

Aug-2-2013 06:06:28 PM
Adhitprofits - Important News Update -- We're back.. Read Fully
Increased security to keep an attack like this happening again.

Shares are disbursed 24 hours later than before to give time to catch fraud purchases.

Some are noticing they have less active shares than before.

==>> You actually have the same number of TOTAL shares.

Please Understand, the shares were condensed, to place all earnings cashedout and used for purchases into shares 1-by-1 ..

Please also understand.. we were destroyed.

I think you simply need to appreciate that more. Like rebuilding after Hiroshima

A bomb of 67.5 MILLION dropped into the system of fraudulent funds.. we had to rebuild the best we can, and if you WATCH THE VIDEO it describes the most fair and effective strategy to restore to the closest amount we could.


You have the same number of adpacks, just some filled up more than they were before.. condensed.


Ad Hit Profits
Jul-27-2013 07:24:10 AM
(^_^) ACX - Amazing Success - ACX!
A warm welcome to all new members!

You're at the right place, because Ad Click
Xpress (ACX) is experiencing amazing success
right now, and it's only going to stop when
members no longer want to triple their money
for simply viewing other member's web sites.

Check out our success at

See the graph moving up? That means we are
taking the Internet by Storm!

So don't miss out on our huge success!

Keep in mind, while ponzis and illegal investment
programs are crashing each week, Ad Click Xpress
keeps on paying, day after day, withdrawal after

How is this possible?

Read all about the ACX Compensation Plan, at

and see what separates ACX from every other
program you've ever experienced - it's amazing
how much money you can make, and we're going to
simply keep right on doing it!

Make the best of your situation

Some members have been telling us that they
no longer want to participate, because of
the requirement to spend money in ACX, even
though they have losses from Profit Clicking
(PC) recorded in their Member Area. Well, we
think this is ridiculous, because you can get
full access to all your PC funds today, by
simply following the steps at

Almost 45,000 Elite Marketing Group Members

That's right, almost 45,000 ACX members have
decided to learn how to make money the second
way, by finding other people who buy products
and services in ACX - sign up today, and get
ready to be led to success by our on-staff

Upgrade your account to Silver soon

That's right, very soon the Ad Panel System will
be launched, and you'll need to have upgraded
your account to Silver in order to buy Ad Panels
and triple your money in minutes - that's what
happens during a launch, so get ready today!

Our Second Success Course is Live!

Members who upgrade to Silver get full access
to our second success course, the "Big Success
Breakthrough" - it is packed with an overabundance
of information that will make you more successful,
provided you are able to apply it.

If not, feel free to take advantage of our first success
course, "Upgrade Your Brain", which will most certainly
help you get ready for the "Big Success Breakthrough".

Keep in mind that continuous education of you and
your referrals will put more money in your pocket,
so don't hesitate to take full advantage of these
success products today!

So what do you do next?

1) Spend as much money as you can afford
on Ad Packages - that's the number one
way to make money in ACX.

2) Refer as many people as you can to ACX,
because that's the other way to make money
with ACX.

In fact, those are the only two ways to
make money in ACX at this time, so let's go!

Log in again, today!

Be Sure to Contact All Your Referrals!

This is so important - some of your referrals
are no longer reading company E-mails, so
look to see which of your referrals have
migrated over to ACX by clicking on "My

Those who have not migrated yet have
probably not gotten the news about ACX and
so they still need an E-mail from you!

Keep in mind, that when a program stops
performing as expected, like Profit Clicking
did this year, many people tend to no
longer pay attention anymore; however,
they will much more likely believe your
words of encouragement before they believe
what the company tells them.

And send them to the Profit Clicking Story

It's FREE to migrate to ACX, and ALL expected
earnings from Profit Clicking are projected
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great news! Every Profit Clicking member IS
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Start by logging in to Ad Click Xpress at

Take full advantage of Ad Click Xpress

Earn by buying Ad Packages

In ACX, you can earn up to 20 cents per day
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And you can earn up to 10 cents per day on
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You can receive daily earnings on each of
your ad packages purchased, until they reach
a maximum of $15 - that's up to 20 cents
per day per ad package, and you are allowed
to buy up to 25,000 ad packages!

Here are some examples:

Purchase Price Earn Back
$10 $15
$100 $150
$1,000 $15,00
$10,000 $15,000
$100,000 $150,000

It's up to you, how much you earn,
and this method of earning is
totally easy - simply view other
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Big Commissions for Promoters

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Yes, you have to do something that you
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Start learning how to promote online,
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And get ready for all the enhancements
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Okay, we're ready to serve you!

Very Important Information Follows

Extremely Healthy Business Growth!

You should also know that your program
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537 in the entire world! Keep in mind that
every new web site starts at about Alexa
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Click "Traffic Stats" and "Reach." If
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The Ad Click Xpress Test Drive will
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It's very easy to make money with
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Working for Your Wealth and Success,

Your Ad Click Xpress Success Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any
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P.P.S. Ad Click Xpress is likely to
become "the program everyone in the
know joins." If you join immediately,
you can tell your friends and contacts
about it -- before they join under
someone else.

This email was sent to:
To remove your address from our mailing list, e-mail and ask to be removed.
Jul-25-2013 07:43:35 PM
Site news posting
Dear Investors!

On the 1st August we celebrate the People`s Liberation Army Day ( ???) in our country and will not carry out any oil trading or pay any interest on that da
Jul-25-2013 01:14:43 PM
Asia For Invest - News
Hello, project participants Asia For Invest! REMINDER: June 27-28, will be carried out maintenance work on updating the cabinet. We ask all our members to take profits on July 27. If you do not remove the profit, then your profit will be deleted. Thank you!

Asia For Invest
Jul-25-2013 05:43:37 AM
CATENA FINANCE: One month online!
It has been 1 month since we started our online business and we must admit that the response from countries all over the world has exceeded even our best predictions and expectations. That fact makes us very pleased and confident about the future of Catena Finance and we are expecting to become the leading online investment program by the end of this year.

But your support won’t put us asleep and our goal is to continuously work on making Catena Finance even better!

Things are going fine and according to our plans. As you can see withdrawals are being processed within a couple of hours (average, but most of them are processed within minutes), which is pretty much better than expected 24 business hours.

If you have suggestions or any ideas to improve Catena Finance and make it fit to you, do not hesitate to e-mail us and we will do our best to please your needs.

Best Regards,
Catena Finance Support
Jul-23-2013 05:35:59 AM
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
It's no longer a secret that FP-Fund is a newly created system that helps all our clients earn more and withdraw funds, when necessary. We are happy to inform you this week Selected FPs have had an exclusive opportunity to be the first ones to enjoy the process of purchasing obligations of the attractive FP-Fund project. We are proud of the fact these trasactions were successful, and the demand for perspective obligations is more than obvious. If you want to be among successful uinvestors, stay tuned, and you'll definitely catch your success with FP-Fund!

A new instrument of evaluation and appreciation!

Do you think we need an instrument of evaluation of FPs' work for their better performance? If yes, then you think the way we do! Dear all, please be aware that we are currently reviewing the performance of all our financial partners and at the same time we're working on the creation of an instrument that will clearly evaluate the performance of all FPs. Several indicators will define their level of success. This instrument will make a healthy competition in our FP environment, and apart from that it will give us a perfect opportunity to honor the best performing FPs with nice privileges!

Dedication makes wonders! 3 UInvestors are the best proof!

Dear UInvestors,

We understand perfectly well that every dedicated uinvetstor makes a valuable contribution to our overall success. That is why we will always REWARD your efforts generously! Today we would like to praise our three brilliant translators, Norberto Jose Viarengo, Simone di Sabato and Crystian Scuotto, for their outstanding performance and active participation in our projects. Brilliant job! Thank you! However, words cannot fully reflect our gratitude. That is why we are happy to present you good looking exquisite and handy PARKER pens. We hope you will like them. We wish you immense financial success! Keep shining!

Article of the week:
Danone Ukraine to invest $ 1.84 million in distribution center in Kherson

Danone Ukraine, one of the largest dairy producers in Ukraine, is intending by November 2013 to invest $ 1.84 million in the construction of a distribution center in Kherson. For more information please follow the link.


We are happy to present the winners of the previous newsletter contest! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first four uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Setty123, Batravk786, Nincsvalsag and War57.

We are pleased to award $25 USD to each winner.

Correct answer: It will become wet.

A contest question for this week:

What occurs once in a minute, twice in a moment and never in one thousand years?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Please note that only one answer can be accepted from one person.

The next letter will be issued on July 19. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Jul-12-2013 07:18:23 PM
Newsletter July
Thank you for your confidence in our business.
We plan to adapt our website for you in the near future.
We want to translate our website until 1st August.

Please,send us an e-mail what kind of language do you prefer.

Best regards, team
Jul-6-2013 11:00:20 AM
AdziBiz Update.
Welcome all our AdziBiz members, This is a newsletter letting
you know more about our very stable and reliable Business, that is based on fully sharing with our members.

Lots of people are asking about the Owner and Team. We want to tell you that we are really busy and working hard to bring AdziBiz to its maximum potential. We want to ensure that everyone is a winner and we encourage all to buy more Shares, Ads and invite more people to our family.

Tickets have been answered late due to the fact that we are really focusing on developing and expanding the Business. Before sending a ticket try to look at the FAQ page to see if that can answer any of your problems and if that doesn't help then send us a ticket. People who cannot really understand english, please use google translator because it is very difficult to understand your problem and we want to make sure we can fully help you in any situation.

Some new features and updates we are adding to AdziBiz is the Security Seal, This will help make sure that the privacy and important information is kept safe. Forums and of course PTC have been launched so that people can go on and help one another with their problems or needs, Make sure you check out our new Facebook page and give us a like, The page is called AdziBiz-Powerand we look forward to see all our members support.

For a few hours we will be doing maintanance to get rod of all errors and bags for the system, The site will be Up or down but do not panic because we are doing this to make the system strong and secure.

Lets build our Business together because we are all one family, AdziBiz Family.

Robert A. & Greg Ts
CEO and Founder

Do not reply to this email as it will not be seen - to contact us use the ticket system on the website in the public area or members area.
Jul-5-2013 08:25:45 PM
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

Haven't planned your trip to South Africa yet? It's right the time to do that!

Dear all, as you remember we have a planned visit to magnificent South Africa on July 20-22! It will be the first meeting with our regional managers in the world tourneau of meetings and greetings, where we'll have a pleasure to communicate with all attendees. If you decide to join us, please feel free to learn all related information by following this link, and register for this bright event. We are all ready for it, and so should you! See you in South Africa!

USE is now 5 times faster!

UInvest is always happy to hear your voice and even happier to follow your smart advice! We heard you saying that USE's speed had to be faster, and made a significant improvement! Due to the planned optimization process, the work of USE is now 5 times faster! We hope this news will make your day, and will bring more joy in your working process! Check it, try it, and share your feedback with us! Remember, your voice is heard!

FP-Fund's fantastic advantages for Selected FPs will be discussed on Tuesday webinar!

In the last management chat a detailed and colorful desription of FP-Fund with all its advantages was provided to all our clients. For more comfort and understanding a separate webinar session for our Selected FPs will be arranged next Tuesday, July 9, where we'll be able to deepen into the details of the whole process and answer any questions occurred. This is a great opportunity to learn FP-Fund's world inside out! Stay tuned, register and welcome to our Tuesday webinar!

Article of the month:
Verbatim expects at least threefold growth of Ukraine's LED lighting market in 2013

Ukraine's light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting market in 2013 is expected to grow by at least three times compared with 2012, primarily due to a substantial increase in the supply in Europe and a change in price points, according to Alexey Kirilyuk, Verbatim's Business Development Manager for CIS countries.
For more information please follow the link.


We are happy to present the winners of the previous newsletter contest! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first four uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Danilo Maneggio, Slamet Surahman, Shahid Mehmood and Pion33r.

We are pleased to award $25 USD to each winner.

Correct answer: Get started with frying 4 pancakes for 5 minutes, after taking off the first 2, put them aside and replace with 2 other left. After 10 minutes, take off the second 2 pancakes fried and put the other 2 left aside to complete the other side. Total 15 minutes!

A contest question for this week:

If a black belt falls into the White Sea what will happen with it?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Please note that only one answer can be accepted from one person.

The next letter will be issued on July 12. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
You've received this e-mail because it is in our subscribe list. Check your account settings if you want to unsubscribe Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Suite 900,
9595 Wilshire Blvd USA (toll free) 1.800.86l.UINVEST
Ukraine, 04116 Kiev Melnikova, 83
Phone number 0-800-500-179

© 2007 - 2013 Uinvest. All rights reserved
Jul-5-2013 08:24:58 PM
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