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Newsletter July
Thank you for your confidence in our business.
We plan to adapt our website for you in the near future.
We want to translate our website until 1st August.

Please,send us an e-mail what kind of language do you prefer.

Best regards, team
Jul-6-2013 11:00:20 AM
AdziBiz Update.
Welcome all our AdziBiz members, This is a newsletter letting
you know more about our very stable and reliable Business, that is based on fully sharing with our members.

Lots of people are asking about the Owner and Team. We want to tell you that we are really busy and working hard to bring AdziBiz to its maximum potential. We want to ensure that everyone is a winner and we encourage all to buy more Shares, Ads and invite more people to our family.

Tickets have been answered late due to the fact that we are really focusing on developing and expanding the Business. Before sending a ticket try to look at the FAQ page to see if that can answer any of your problems and if that doesn't help then send us a ticket. People who cannot really understand english, please use google translator because it is very difficult to understand your problem and we want to make sure we can fully help you in any situation.

Some new features and updates we are adding to AdziBiz is the Security Seal, This will help make sure that the privacy and important information is kept safe. Forums and of course PTC have been launched so that people can go on and help one another with their problems or needs, Make sure you check out our new Facebook page and give us a like, The page is called AdziBiz-Powerand we look forward to see all our members support.

For a few hours we will be doing maintanance to get rod of all errors and bags for the system, The site will be Up or down but do not panic because we are doing this to make the system strong and secure.

Lets build our Business together because we are all one family, AdziBiz Family.

Robert A. & Greg Ts
CEO and Founder

Do not reply to this email as it will not be seen - to contact us use the ticket system on the website in the public area or members area.
Jul-5-2013 08:25:45 PM
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention

Haven't planned your trip to South Africa yet? It's right the time to do that!

Dear all, as you remember we have a planned visit to magnificent South Africa on July 20-22! It will be the first meeting with our regional managers in the world tourneau of meetings and greetings, where we'll have a pleasure to communicate with all attendees. If you decide to join us, please feel free to learn all related information by following this link, and register for this bright event. We are all ready for it, and so should you! See you in South Africa!

USE is now 5 times faster!

UInvest is always happy to hear your voice and even happier to follow your smart advice! We heard you saying that USE's speed had to be faster, and made a significant improvement! Due to the planned optimization process, the work of USE is now 5 times faster! We hope this news will make your day, and will bring more joy in your working process! Check it, try it, and share your feedback with us! Remember, your voice is heard!

FP-Fund's fantastic advantages for Selected FPs will be discussed on Tuesday webinar!

In the last management chat a detailed and colorful desription of FP-Fund with all its advantages was provided to all our clients. For more comfort and understanding a separate webinar session for our Selected FPs will be arranged next Tuesday, July 9, where we'll be able to deepen into the details of the whole process and answer any questions occurred. This is a great opportunity to learn FP-Fund's world inside out! Stay tuned, register and welcome to our Tuesday webinar!

Article of the month:
Verbatim expects at least threefold growth of Ukraine's LED lighting market in 2013

Ukraine's light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting market in 2013 is expected to grow by at least three times compared with 2012, primarily due to a substantial increase in the supply in Europe and a change in price points, according to Alexey Kirilyuk, Verbatim's Business Development Manager for CIS countries.
For more information please follow the link.


We are happy to present the winners of the previous newsletter contest! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first four uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Danilo Maneggio, Slamet Surahman, Shahid Mehmood and Pion33r.

We are pleased to award $25 USD to each winner.

Correct answer: Get started with frying 4 pancakes for 5 minutes, after taking off the first 2, put them aside and replace with 2 other left. After 10 minutes, take off the second 2 pancakes fried and put the other 2 left aside to complete the other side. Total 15 minutes!

A contest question for this week:

If a black belt falls into the White Sea what will happen with it?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Please note that only one answer can be accepted from one person.

The next letter will be issued on July 12. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
You've received this e-mail because it is in our subscribe list. Check your account settings if you want to unsubscribe Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA Suite 900,
9595 Wilshire Blvd USA (toll free) 1.800.86l.UINVEST
Ukraine, 04116 Kiev Melnikova, 83
Phone number 0-800-500-179

© 2007 - 2013 Uinvest. All rights reserved
Jul-5-2013 08:24:58 PM
Pure Income - news
Tomorrow, Thursday, July 4, the United States celebrates Independence Day. Based on our Terms of Services, on July 4, the Pure Income stock exchange operates in a day off regime. Shares grow and dividends accrue on bonds as stated at the weekend conditions.

Mark Cobe
Marketing Director of Pure Income
Jul-3-2013 09:23:02 PM
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
The long-awaited debit cards and September 1... What's in common?

Dear uinvestors, a fantastic announcement is about to be made. You have to get ready for it! So, here you go! On September 1, 2013 the long-awaited debit cards will be issued to our clients! Please be aware that UPay agents will be the first in a row to get their debit cards. The indicators of UPay agents' input into the system's liquidity development, and their UP turnover will be considered. As a matter of fact, practically any uinvestor is able to become a UPay agent. Already interested? Contact UPay support for additional information, become a UPay agent, and who knows, maybe you will be the first one who will receive a debit card on September 1!

The UFund landing page welcomes you!

We are happy to let you know that the UFund landing page is ready and welcomes you! It is acknowledged to be very user-friendly and easy to navigate through. Should you be a new comer and want to start share trading on Smart Exchange, you have to rush to the UFund landing page, make yourself aware of all its advantages, register with 3 simple steps, and get your free $300 for trading! It's a unique offer that has to be accepted immediately!

“Funny Mistypes” on UInvest!

Here is a bright quick tip to attract even more success into your life: being in high spirits is a guarantee of high profits! UInvest understands this perfectly well. That is why we have launched a new thread “Funny Mistypes” on our forum, where you are invited to share all your funny stories related to your experience with UInvest. Let’s have fun and earn more together!

Article of the week:
Foreign investments in Ukraine increase by 76%

Foreign investment in Ukraine increased by 76% in the first quarter of 2013, compared to the same period of the last year, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov told the Cabinet meeting on Wednesday. For more information please follow the link.


We are happy to present the winners of the previous newsletter contest! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first four uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: George Vandici, Ocrana Investment Inc,, Rumbataaa.

We are pleased to award $25 USD to each winner.

Correct answer: Spare tire.

A contest question for this week:

What is special in this sentence: "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Please note that only one answer can be accepted from one person.

The next letter will be issued on June 28. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Jun-21-2013 06:23:07 PM
Pure Income - news
As promised we continue introducing new depositing and withdrawing options for you! We are glad to announce that Pure Income has officially launched SolidTrustPay payment gateway. Bitcoin and OKpay will be added shortly! Stay tuned!

Mark Cobe
Marketing Director of Pure Income
Jun-19-2013 08:22:42 PM
uinvest Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter
Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter

GUN Academy - payment system is available!

GUN Academy is on the way to you, Summer Semester enrollment is open and the payment system is available on the site.

Now you can enroll for one course or for a package of courses.

There is an extra option: Premium Subscription.

To learn the final prices for the chosen options and courses, please contact us:

Join us to build your success!

Notification to a GUN RM and GUN Agents

We are very grateful for our long and productive cooperation and hope that you have enjoyed it as much as we have. As you know, we live in a fast developing and fast evolving world, where every nation, entity, organization and individual is changing constantly to meet the standards and challenges of the modern world.

We are not the exception. Being a unique and game-changing organization Global UInvest Network has evolved significantly since it has been founded: we have implemented a clear and reliable commissions system, developed a simple and effective procedure for the new project submission, for little more than a year we have reorganized and spread our network to more than 500 agents in 57 countries of the World.

All this became possible only due to our agents and their commitment. Taking into account all the changes and reorganizations of our network we are preparing a new Agent agreement. We are doing this to keep up with the current state of things in GUN.

Therefore, we have to terminate the existing contracts with our Agents. Please, if you are interested in our mutually beneficial cooperation, answer this letter and we will prepare a Letter of Termination for you. After that you will receive a new contract for signing.

GUN Academy Promo

We are preparing promo materials for the Academy. Very soon you will get a possibility to present GUN Academy to your clients with a new booklet and presentation.

Moreover, we are on negotiations with the most active RMs about the ways of cooperation with GUN Academy in their regions. Stay tuned. Some interesting news is about to come soon!

Soyfood Project Updated

The tractors have been purchased and released to the business. You can find the pictures of the purchased equipment in the project update article from Assets Management on UInvest.


Today there will be no GUN Online Meeting at UInvest.
Next GUN Online Meeting will be on Monday, June 24th 2013.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
June 24th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
Jun-17-2013 12:42:04 PM
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
Friday newsletter - a few events worth uinvestors' attention
UInvest welcomes you to a strikingly innovative product - UFund

An innovative and perspective UInvest's product UFund has been officially launched, and it will be the best place where uinvestors will be able to borrow the requested amount of money, do share trading on Smart Exchange, give loans, invest and receive notable dividends! The most fabulous thing about UFund is that it's absolutely risk-free for everyone. Another great opportunity about UFund is that you may not only borrow funds from it, you also can invest in it, and get your earnings! Already excited? Fantastic! UFund welcomes you!

Smart Exchange, a phenomenon of "Made in UInvest", has been launched!

Do you think you can trade only on Forex or Nasdaq? Not only... Smart Exchange has been launched by UInvest and it will be the best place you'll be able to trade shares! It is promised to become a powerful competitor to the world-known trading platforms due to its attractive terms of cooperation! Out of the greatest highlights Smart Exchange possesses, we stand out its non-stop activity, i.e. 24/7, no weekend breaks, funds will be financially secured, and people of various financial backgrounds are able to join Smart Exchange and trade shares of various international companies! No reasons to hesitate, just come and trade!

GUN agents are competing to have their office pictures published and promoted within Global UInvest Network

The net of GUN agents is expanding rapidly and a feeling of competition among them is getting more observable. GUN agents were offered a great opportunity to get promoted within the global network. All they should do is make pictures of their local offices, and send them to us. We will define the most bright, colorful, creative and extraordinary pictures and we'll publish them in the special GUN calendar. We'll introduce the most energetic GUN agents to the vast GUN community. Don't miss a chance, get your camera, and surprise everyone with your sophisticated taste!

Article of the week:
More millionaires registered in Kharkiv region

The number of millionaires grew in Kharkiv region this year, the press service of the Income and Tax Ministry's main office in the region has reported.

"Last year income of more than UAH 1 million was declared by 105 residents of Kharkiv region, and this year their number is already 144," reads the statement.

For more information please follow the link


We are happy to present the winners of the previous newsletter contest! Ladies and gentelmen, the winners, the first four uinvestors who gave the correct answer, were: Filip Fronek, Lazlotabor, Silver and Setty123.

We are pleased to award $25 USD to each winner.

Correct answer: Concrete floor is too hard to smash due to a glass falling on it.

A contest question for this week:

Which tire doesn't spin during a right turn?

Please submit your answer here. Winners’ names will be announced in the next newsletter.

Please note that only one answer can be accepted from one person.

The next letter will be issued on June 21. Stay tuned!
Regards, UInvest Support Team.
Jun-14-2013 07:33:52 PM
Official Newsletter from Pure Income

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your stay with Pure Income! We are pleased to inform you that our company has almost recovered the losses triggered by the Liberty Reserve shutdown and keeps evolving and making profits. Following the recent marketing research I noticed that many users do not understand how Pure Income works. Let me clarify this for you.

Pure Income is a successful online business which has nothing common with HYIPs. The company's revenue relies upon losses the customers have on virtual shares of Companies 1-5, and the bid/ask spread difference of these shares. That's how we payoff our short-term and long-term obligations on Pure Income bonds and shares. We have also created a stabilization fund where we transfer a certain percentage of our profit each day. This fund exists in order to maintain the stability of Pure Income shares and bonds in case of any unforeseen circumstances. It is due to the fund we were able to get over the Liberty Reserve shutdown which dramatically diminished the number of customers buying/selling Companies 1-5 shares, but fortunately did not undermine the payouts on Pure Income shares and bonds.

I often come across various questions related to the company's sustainability - " What will happen if customers stop speculating in Companies 1-5 shares? How will you be able to provide a stable growth of Pure Income shares and bonds?" My answer - that's not going to happen as our company is evolving dynamically and has already hit major challenges. Liberty Reserve can be one of them. Some of you think that Companies 1-5 shares trading is a game. Yes, it is the game that we turned into a perfect business where you can either gain or lose. On the other hand Pure Income shares and bonds investment is a sustainable business that does not depend on external factors and recessions but helps our investors get outstanding returns all year long!

Best Regards,
Mark Cobe
Marketing Director of Pure Income
Jun-12-2013 06:49:27 AM
Mytrafficvalue - Little Update

Well the programmers are working, and getting pretty productive!
We’ve got Alex, Brian, Paul and Justin programming at the moment; with
Reyner as our resident designer.

So things are looking good. And we’ve got some big ideas on the horizon,
any of which could be game changers in terms of revenue generation (and your
subsequent results)... Anyway, now that we’ve got the programming
capacity, we need to find more investment so that we don’t lose momentum.
There are 6 main projects under construction right now; all should be
launching in the next few weeks. And to fund the 6+ after that, we’re
going to need some money.

If we could find a ~$25,000 investor.
That all we'd need for the moment... And that'd be a rock solid return for
the user, to earn 194% over the next 4-8months.

Put the word out!
We're finally gathering some development speed, and I want to keep pushing
it. We don't need a lot of money, and perhaps only one more programmer, and
we should be at the point of developing one product/game per week. Which
will be awesome!

But check out the portfolio so far, it's coming along real nicely:

Jo :)
My Traffic Value
1 1/2 Miles Northern Highway,
Belize City,

Tel: (+34) 951 243 987
Jun-12-2013 06:48:55 AM
Uinvest - Monday newsletter
Since July 1, 2013 GUN Academy summer semester 2013 is open!

You can enroll in any offered course or subscribe to any block or package. The additional option is the Premium Subscription. It allows you to subscribe and be the first participant for any new course or planned training!

You can find a description of the package, block and subscription options here:

And the enrollment plan for summer 2013 here:

Join us at

GUN package!

As you know every GUN Agent gets the GUN package from us free of charge. We've already announced that we need the email confirming your address and contact details in order to send you the package. Only GUN Agents who meet this requirement will get the package by the regular mail.

A few words about the new option: you can order the e-version of the GUN package and print it in your region!

Thus, if you are not willing to get it by the regular mail, contact us via We will contact you shortly to provide the digital version of the GUN package

Regional Managers – great success of GUN Team!

Dear GUN RM, we are pleased to share with you some intermediate results. According to the preliminary analysis we have already a number of RMs who have reached two targets and are rapidly heading to meet the latest third one!

As you know the targets for this period are: a commission earned by sub-Agents, number of sub-Agents and students enrolled in GUN Academy. We are quite impressed by your achievements and wish you to keep this great job for a long time. We are waiting for such an immense success and
results of hard work from new Regional Managers. Keep it up!


Chat room with name 'gun on-line meeting', password 'gun0610'

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
June 17th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
Jun-10-2013 02:40:31 PM
Malaysian INC - MaExchange Liberty Reserve to another E-currency

As promised, we have added the ability to exchange funds on your LibertyReserve balance to another type of currency. This confirms once again that we
are keeping our promises.

You must understand, that we can not exchange the depreciated E-currency to valuable E-currency at the rate of 1 to 1, so we have to establish a small
conversion ratio of exchange, but it's more than the actual worth now the of E-currency. We will increase exchange ratio in the future, so if you have
the funds on your Liberty Reserve balance, we advise you to reinvest, creating a deposit from funds on your balance, and you will be able to get them
and new profit when the exchange rate will be higher.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,
Malaysian Investment Company Team
Jun-2-2013 05:41:13 PM
Uinvest Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter
GUN Statistics Update

GUN is developing strongly and confident, it’s obviously best opportunity to join us now and to make success together! We are pleased to share with you the updated statistics – now GUN covers 59 countries by 40 Regional Managers and 495 GUN Agents around the World!

Join our great and fast growing team today!

New Countries covered by the Regional Managers

Currently we have three more countries covered by GUN Regional Managers. Welcome our newcomers: claudiop63 from Switzerland, prologer from the Czech Republic and mitik from Moldova region! Welcome to the team and wish you successful work and great results!

GUN Academy Plans

GUN Academy will keep you updated on our plans and achievements. As you know, we’ve already started cooperation with UIdonate project and we are planning to do more! We are keeping our aim – to help kids together and will organise more trainings for orphanages. For autumn we are planning to start working on that part of the project and provide Webinar trainings on different subjects. Stay tuned!

Currently you can reach us by phone (new number): +442032877577

Success Story from GUN Advanced Partner and current Regional Manager

Meet GUN Advanced Partner of the last listed project Tuesday 05/28/2013 at the GUN Agents’ Webinar meeting to hear the success story, the difficulties met and the desired goals achieved!
You will find the invitation link in the additional Webex email.


Today Chat is available at - Copy/paste link in your browser address field (please use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and join GUN Online Meeting chat room.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
June 3th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
May-27-2013 12:59:39 PM - Regarding the issue with Liberty Reserve
Dear Investors of JLBCO,

I am Jacob Walter, the admin of JLBCO and I would like to take a moment to address the problems with Liberty Reserve that many members have brought to our attention.

We can only say that we do not know what is true or false, and we also do not know when Liberty Reserve will be back online, or if it ever will be. The only thing we know for certain is that Liberty Reserve is offline and we are unable to process any withdrawals to Liberty Reserve until it is back up.

If you have an investment with us using LR, all we can do is wait for the latest news and see what happens next. If it turns out that LR is not going to be back online, we will work with our investors in resolving the existing LR investment that they have with us.

For all other investments using other payment processors, please rest assured that this will not affect you in any way, and we are continuing to pay as usual.

We will keep our investors updated about any news regarding this issue.

Please feel free to contact our support in Live Chat is you have any questions or concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Jacob Walter
JLBCO Administrator
May-27-2013 12:51:46 PM
Rouletteguru - Member Newsletter 27. May 2013
Hello all

This is to address the current situation with Liberty Reserve.

Just before the weekend, the Liberty Reserve website became inaccessible and we couldn't process Liberty Reserve withdrawal requests.

During the weekend a lot of rumors came up -- but unfortunately nothing official, nothing verifiable. Until the situation is clear, we decided to terminate the acceptance of Liberty Reserve, i.e. re-investments with Liberty Reserve are not possible.

For members who like to recoup their Liberty Reserve earnings in the meantime, the currency exchanger within the script is enabled. You may freely exchange your Liberty Reserve earnings to any of the other accepted payment processors. Please note that a 25% exchange fee will apply, due to the uncertain situation with Liberty Reserve. To do so, please click on the Currency Manager link in the member area.

Please make sure to enter your additional payment processor accounts in your profile, in order to withdraw to any other processor.

We will update you once we have more information.

Yours truly,
May-27-2013 12:50:43 PM - 1 month paying!
Dear Investors and Members of JLBCO:

We are pleased to announce that our program has now been paying for 30 days and things cannot be going more smoothly.

The first month of operation is crucial for any business, and we can safely say that we have had an excellent first month and have a solid foundation for the continued growth of our company and investment program.

Rest assured that our team is hard at work behind the scenes, making sure that everyone is being paid and giving prompt attention to any problems or issues any members may have.

Thank you again to all of our investors and supporters, we look forward to continuing a long a profitable relationship for years to come!


JLBCO Management Team
May-24-2013 10:23:47 AM
Financial Freedom Newsletter, week 21, 2013
Dear Financial Freedom Members and Visitors,

We have been quite busy with implementing a chat module into the Financial Freedom site. It needs more testing, so if you see something strange going on the site, like chat randomly appearing and disappearing, please ignore that and excuse us if it causes any inconvenience. It is not yet usable and most of the time not available at all, but when it is ready, we will let you all know.

We are also abit late with updating our statistics page, but be just managed to update it. Also we uploaded a registration doc on the site, because we were asked to by some investors.

Good thing is, that our hosting provider made some planned upgrades on our Financial Freedom servers, which made the site to load even faster. Thanks guys. So if you have experienced any short downtimes during the passed week, that was the reason.

At the end of this week, we are going to move to a new office (if the new office will ever get ready for that). We are carefully planning to do the transition in a very smooth way, so noone experiences any technical difficulties. The actual transition is planned for the Saturday night. That's why all withdrawals requested until Saturday afternoon will be processed at once, and then hopefully we will continue to send further payments from the new office on Sunday evening.

In the mean time you can read a new, professionally written review of Financial Freedom on

Are you tired of the complete lack of support from Liberty Reserve and the hell every time one has to experience when loggin in to their site? Well, I definitely am. Here's a nice tool for the more technically savvy of you, that can make you browser remember your account and password for Liberty Reserve (and many other sites too, like EgoPay).

Create a new bookmark and in the field for the URL, enter the following (only the content BETWEEN the <-- -->):


Go to the LR site, enter your account and password. Do NOT yet submit. Select the above bookmark. You will get a conformation message. Submit. Now the browser will ask you to remember the password. Do so. Next time you log in to LR, just click in the account field and it will enter it for you. It works at least in Firefox with private browsing off. You could also try Last Pass,, for similar functionality.

Good luck!
Russel Johnson
Financial Freedom
FinDom Capital Inc.
May-21-2013 09:09:03 PM
MoneyInSports - 2 Months Online
Hello Everyone,

Wow how the time has gone by so quick. We have now been online for 2 months. We are just getting started on delivering what will be one of the best programs of all time. We continue to see great growth with MoneyInSports each day. I know we just sent an update yesterday so I will not take up more time on this other than to say once again that you are the most important part of MoneyInSports, and also a big part in increasing our leverage with the sports investments that we make.

We will continue to work hard for you, and all we ask in return is that you display our banners and links when you can. Vote on the monitors when you can. Post payment proofs when you can. Lastly continue to introduce new people to MoneyInSports so they can enjoy the great low stress, low risk investment plan that you are already enjoying daily with us.

In case you are not sure where to vote for us please click here to go to our monitor page, here you can easily see the monitors that we would like to see you vote at.


May-21-2013 09:28:46 AM
Malaysian INC We are celebrating 100 Days online!

With the great support of all the members of our company we are celebrating 100 Days online.
We thank to our investors and promoters for trusting us.

You will find, that many well-known monitoring services have already put our project in the top position of their website and these are all authentic.
Only excellent project they recommend will be placed in a good position.

And the main, in order to celebrate this achievement, we will offer a high interest for 3 days (21-23th May).

Best regards!
Malaysian INC team
May-20-2013 07:06:46 PM
Monday newsletter uinvest
Global UInvest Network - weekly newsletter

New GUN Academy Appearance

Dear Friends! Welcome to our updated GUN Academy! You can join us on Please note that it is a beta-version of the site and we are waiting for your feedbacks to make it perfect for you.
Now the description of all our existing courses is available on the site and soon there will be more new interesting ideas and offers for our best clients!

GUN RM Extreme Course Start

We have waited for this moment for a long time and now we are starting our free of charge course aimed at helping our RMs be the best ones, achieving targets and earning a good strike!
We are starting this course today with our new look on the new site All group members already have accounts there, so all you need - is to login with the password sent with additional email and change it to your own password.

GUN Academy + UIdonate

As we have announced our like-minded team of GUN Academy and UIdonate projects conducts lectures for children deprived of parental care.
We have visited the orphanage "Hope" in Kiev region and conducted training on "Careers. Motivation and self-motivation." We have talked about future careers, dreams and goals in life. You can read more about this here:

GUN Projects

We continue processing with the Filtered Projects List and now it is fulfilled with interesting and absolutely different projects from all around the world. Please keep the good communication level from your side, because it is a common cause of delays and misunderstandings. Thank you for your good job!


Today there will be no GUN Online Meeting at UInvest.
Next GUN Online Meeting will be on Monday, May 27th 2013.

Next newsletter will be issued on Monday,
May 27th 2013.

Regards, GUN Project Team
May-20-2013 07:06:14 PM
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